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Hi Douglas,

I used a Valspar primer for glossy surfaces, because that's what it was. The laminate was pretty shiny, even after I tried to sand it a bit, that didn't do much. I use that primer on glass and things like this. It works pretty well, and I know there are other types to use also. I could have used oil-based primer, which sticks well, but I did this in a basement without much ventilation. The glossy surface primer is water-based.

Before & After: A Laminate Cabinet Gets a Face-lift
2/24/14 12:35 PM

Hi S.J.P.

The marble paper is on the backs of the upper shelves. I wrote about it here:

Glad you like the cabinet! - Jessica

Before & After: A Laminate Cabinet Gets a Face-lift
2/23/14 06:54 PM

Hi Gillianne,

Thanks. Yes, I added marble paper to the inside of the upper back. It's just paper I found at a local art store for a few dollars for a piece. I wrote about that here:

Before & After: A Laminate Cabinet Gets a Face-lift
2/23/14 06:53 PM

Hi wyyfe,

The color on the upper half of the walls is Driftwood Gray by Martha Stewart in flat. The bottom is a light gray grass cloth wallpaper, from Lowes. Thanks, I'm glad you like them!

Before & After: A Laminate Cabinet Gets a Face-lift
2/23/14 06:51 PM

I can't resist a deep blue, especially one with a little green in it like this color. Great makeover Gretchen!

Before & After: A Color-Lovers' Cabinet
12/17/13 02:15 PM

Thanks for showing this. Our fireplace wall and the surrounding ones are actually the color of the before and I'm thinking of painting it the after. Now I know what it will look like, I think I'll go ahead and paint!

Before & After: Marvellously Moody Dark Fireplace Wall
12/16/13 10:58 AM

This is a nice list. One cozy tip I would add is to include textiles in the space. Curtains, rugs, throws, pillows, table linens all add to the cozy factor.

Cozification: 7 Steps to Your Coziest Home Yet
2/6/12 03:39 PM

I voted for you girl - good luck!

Ike's Sunshiney Gray Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #15

11/22/11 01:39 PM

I like to see spaces with unpainted wood trim. Lovely rooms.

Ashley's "Muted Elements" Room
11/10/11 09:43 PM

Very creative Lindsay. Great tip on how to help it hang straight.

Lindsay's Rocking Drum Light Fixture
Living With Lindsay

9/24/11 09:48 PM

I started a bin in the spring and they little buggers seem to be doing well. I don't have the second bin to catch the moisture and tea, but I recommend it because mine were trying to escape! And people say it's because of too much moisture.

I'm in a apartment with minimal space and keep the bin in an extra closet. I'm about to harvest the compost for the first time this week.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Make Your Own Worm Bin
9/3/09 10:26 PM