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thank you so much for this post. my father gave me a 1974 hardback european publication of the dangerous french mistress and other stories collection for my 16 birthday (in 1990), and i have been in unconditional love with colwin's writing ever since. i don't think enough praise can be lavished upon a human being whose very soul and spirit comes up through every word.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Laurie Colwin: The Domestic Sensualist
12/19/08 10:45 PM

Thank you for such a beautiful remembrance of your beloved brother. Death is so strange, and while I haven't had the acute pain of losing sibling, I did recently lose the woman who, along with my mother, raised me--my Grandma Jerry. She was almost 103 when she died, and lived an amazing life. She gave me her antique writing desk when I moved away to college, one with a cranny for every envelope and paper, shelves underneath, and a mirror on top. It had belonged to her mother, who died when she was just 5 years old. I also have an incredible bookshelf from the 30s, with rounded corners, used when she first set-up house with my grandfather. She held on to life with an incredible will, had this amazing ability to rebel against everything without ruffling anyone's feathers...was a single mom in the forties, got a PhD in the fifties, fought against segregation in the schools, and always spoke her mind. Thank you for reminding me how close she still is. With sympathy and gratitude.

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12/19/08 05:40 PM