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J.J. Grandville is terrific, and in the public domain.
Metamorphoses du Jour is a classic.

15 Sources: Anthropomorphic Animal Art
6/23/13 06:19 PM

Hi there,
We have loads of printable botanical illustration!
Vintage Printable
@cagey11, we have loads of
ocean life and corals

Free Botanical Art Prints for Your Walls
6/4/13 09:08 PM

In the DIY spirit, we have printable bat images from long ago -- those Victorians loved to catch bats and draw them.
Vintage Printable - Bat

Dorm Style: Dark Glamor for Under $350
8/31/12 01:11 AM

Hi,Vintage Printable here (thanks for the link Lemonadefish).
There may be similar ones in our categories black and white (or low color) botanical prints, as well as educational plates
Here are some educational plates that we like, although they have color:
Flower parts, German educational plate
Fungal anatomy
(Images are free to download or print, and scaled to be printable on letter size paper, plus or minus)

Sources for Similar Artwork?
Good Questions

1/23/12 03:10 AM

Hi everyone - we're back up, in the old web design. Website re-design ongoing. . .

Vintage Printable

What Happened to Vintage Printable?
2/11/11 07:25 PM


Hi - this is Swivelchair, the proprietor of Vintage Printable.

First, know that we'll be back ! We're undergoing a re-do in web design and moving servers. (A saga.)

Thank you AT (and AW), and everyone for all your kind wishes and your patience. We're very grateful (blown away is more like it). And, we're in awe of the creativity and talent of the Vintage Printable users. So you all are awesome, in the broadest sense of the term.

We sincerely apologize for wasting anyone's time during our web development efforts.

We are told our new, fast, secure server will be up on January 31. It will be with the old web design at first (apologies, apologies. . .), but we're working up new web designs.

We also have to transfer our e mail to a different provider, so apologies for any bounced e mails.

We will always have free, mostly vintage, mostly scientific or naturalist, public domain images that can be printed on an ordinary printer.

In the mean time: Our Facebook page. We have some images prepared as e books up on Scribd.

Thank you again AT community (and AW). We'll send along a note when we're back up.

Footnote: We couldn't be more pleased at the representative images chosen for this AT post, particularly the medieval doggie doctor performing urinanalysis on the sick blue kitten.

What Happened to Vintage Printable?
1/29/11 12:35 AM

Hello - this is my first post and I couldn't resist because, who doesn't like dancing bears?

I have a bunch of vintage prints, etc. in a lame photo gallery that I keep meaning to make into a web site.

Here's one:

Here's another, from a collection of French medieval prints:

Apologies, I'm not sure how these will enlarge to full poster size, it depends on the resolution. I collect mostly scientific/medical historical illustrations, but of course, who can resist dancing bears?

You can click the tags or the gallery for more. Most of the images are hi-res, out of copyright(pre-1922)/royalty free and from libraries and government sources around the web. If anyone has any questions about sources, I can probably track them so just drop me an e mail.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Question: Dancing Bear Artwork?
12/19/08 04:18 PM