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Cuckoo pressure rice cooker. Two birds, one stone, and the only piece of kitchen equipment that I've never felt regret over purchasing (I have about two square feet of counter space. The kitchen aid and food processor are crammed in a storage box. Cuckoo sits on the counter and is used all the time)

Otherwise, pressure cooker. Learn to make rice using a steel bowl sitting on the trivet in the cooker, the results are almost as good as a rice cooker and very fast.

Should I Buy a Rice Cooker or a Pressure Cooker? Good Questions
4/24/14 07:02 PM

How long do people spend renting apartments in America? With the standard lease here being 6 months (and having in the last few months seeing how little protection having a signed lease gives a tenant in Australia - you can still be evicted mid lease, with 7 days notice, if they need to do 'repairs') there's no way I'd do anything like painting. Why invest in someone else's house that they can get you to leave at any time?
I've definitely done #4, and it ends up being an expensive endeavour when you move every 12 months or so. You spend four months thinking 'oh I need a cupboard / chair / storage unit', buy it, and eight months later it's in hard rubbish collection because it doesn't fit into the next place.

5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have Renters Solutions
4/2/14 07:54 PM

Nope, bottles of liquor need to be inside a cabinet. I am, however, the kind of person who decants the shampoo and shower gel out of their ugly containers and into nicer pump bottles for use in the shower, so clearly I have an issue with having brands and labels all over my house, ymmv.

To clarify, I'm a drinker, and most of my friends are too. I just don't need to know what you're currently drinking by having it out on display, like a uni share house after dole day displaying that they all chipped in for a bottle of Absolut and not the 2 for $60 vodka.

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 09:03 PM