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bike hoist.. you have the ceiling...use it

How To Add Interest to Long Narrow Hallway without Feeling Claustrophobic? Good Questions
1/31/13 04:03 PM

If you have a piece that you don't want to direcly alter; Try casters attached to a piece of plywood with trim or something to prevent the trunk from sliding would give you height you need... and you can use the platform for movable stack of storage bins or moving furniture later (depending on how strong you make it.

Ways to Upcycle Trunk into Functional Furniture? Good Questions
1/30/13 01:38 PM

I'm about to start cleaning up in the basement. My builder is finally better and able to get the electrical finished and inspected so we can close the walls up. Once drywall is done, i'll be able to clean and not have it covered immediatly on the next day.. Looking forward to it.

Day 21: Speedy Spruce Up & Surface Clean Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/30/13 01:35 PM

There are "stylish" versions of the grab bars available, if you just don't like the look. I have to give up my main floor bedroom/bath when my parents visit due to my dad's mobility issues. I don't have the space to add one in my main bath so it can be uncomfortable for him. I wish I could add one.

Can I Remove Bathroom Grab Bar in Condo? Good Questions
1/23/13 11:25 AM

I've been organizing mine.. Add shelving above stacking w/d for light weight bulk storage (Paper towels, TP, etc). Replace HW tank with tankless way up high on wall to install shelving down wall in the new open area. Sorting through all cleaning supplies to eliminate duplicates and stow bulk containers. - I've got one shelf to trim to be complete. It makes a huge difference.

Beautifully Organized: Laundry Rooms
1/23/13 11:20 AM

Pipe shelving... source is at http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/joes-clever-ways-small-cool-contest-169131
but if you do a search you can find many other examples.

Small Space Solutions:Compact & Smart Home Workstations
1/8/13 01:28 PM

I've mounted one on the outside wall of my very small bathroom with a lighted wall mounted mirror above..Makes a nice low profile (standing) makeup area and get you out of the bath so the next person can use it.

Small Space Solution: Bathroom Wall Cabinets
8/29/12 05:51 PM

I actually tried to find US outlets with switches... no one makes them. (if you know of any please post link) I would love to have those for the kitchen outlets. I don't need the microwave, the stove and the exhaust fan to ALL tell time.
And I love my electric kettle, although as I'm not a coffee drinker, the pitcher part of my french press is used to catch filtered water out of my fridge for iced tea and the kettle.

Cultural Exchange: Lessons to Learn from Australian Homes
1/17/12 12:52 PM

What was used on the open shelving in the kitchen?

Alexandra & Eliot's 1890's Farmhouse
House Tour

1/11/12 12:37 PM

seriously fabulous. I'm a huge fan of custom tailored slipcovers (have cats) and this looks like a wonderful sofa.. and would be an ideal slipcovered one.

Before & After: Sofa Makeover
Rock Paper Scissor Graphics

1/9/12 03:10 PM

there is carpet glue you can buy to stop any fraying just let it dry before flipping the rug right side up. I've done this with a 40$ 8X5 rug... I've cats who love love love carpet.. so I make sure to have inexpensive rugs just for them. Plus, my concrete floors look/feel better with the odd rug.

Creative DIY: How to Make A Round Rug from Flor Tiles

1/9/12 02:32 PM

must second the Flor recommendation. I have cats and they are fabulous for clean up (remove tile, clean, wait till dry, put back - or store with my spares). These cats aren't too bad, but the dearly departed had a tummy problem. FLOR is wonderful for pets

Carpet and Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room?
Good Questions

12/14/11 10:04 AM

Honestly.. if you're handy.. Ana-White.com.. and build to custom fit. Make a Twin bed with a back for half the length of the mattress to support bolster pillows along with head board and use a normal twin mattress.
I'm building two twins for my spare room, using a plan I customized from her site.
Pocket screws are awesome.
I'd not be doing upholstery, but then that's maybe cos I'm not real good at it. You can get a professionally done slip cover for mattress and bolsters for way less than a sofa.

Downfall To Having A Chaise As My Sofa?
Good Questions

8/2/11 01:08 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE Jasper Fforde

Online Sites and Tools for Bibliophiles
7/22/11 04:38 PM

Where did she get the uprights used?

3 Things This Office Can Teach You About Small Storage
6/29/11 01:43 PM

I have a similar dining table - but I added a glass top.. It now seats 4 comfortably and I can move the glass top off the stow away. (behind the TV)
But your place is lovely.

Lisa's Stylish Downsizing Story
House Call

6/21/11 11:33 AM

I regularly got 25 MPG with my 74 super beetle. Moved house (co-op student) in the thing every 3 months, but you have to be creative with the packing but they can hold a lot.
It's simplicity and efficiency always enthralled me. They are easy to maintain and surprisingly reliable (never flinched to road trip in one). Aside from engine rebuild for HS graduation, I did most of the maintenance myself (I was hard on starter solenoids and accelerator cables - beats my brother - he still goes through clutches like Oreos).

Parts are fairly easy to find, and not as expensive as other "classic" cars.
If you get it, I think my dad has the old (non working) ac unit from mine.. You want it?

Dilemma: When Vintage Is Bad for the Environment
4/11/11 04:27 PM

Its my only option in a basement.. So I'll be installing one anyway.

Experience With & Recommend A Macerating Toilet?
Good Questions

3/29/11 09:20 AM

Sanyo Eneloop: From the website..

Electric Hybrid Assisted Pedaling. Charge While You Ride.
The SANYO eneloop bike is a next-gen bicycle that transports you efficiently and effectively requiring very little effort by the rider. With innovative features such as "loop charging," which recharges the battery while you ride, and "two-wheel drive" which maintains a steadier, smoother ride on diverse terrains, the SANYO eneloop bike sets new standards of enjoyable and powerful bicycle riding.

Do Any E-Bikes Charge By Pedaling Instead of Plugging In?
Good Question

3/16/11 12:55 PM

What are the issues with Swanstone? I'll be adding a basement bath and would prefer a "solid" shower base.

Tub Surrounds/Walls Made Of Low-VOC Materials?
Good Question

2/10/11 12:54 PM