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That's Tony Duquette--Dawnridge Beverly Hills.
The Master of Maximalism

10 Signs You Might Be a Maximalist
6/29/14 01:25 PM

it ought to be a museum! it's just too gorgeous!

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 12:14 PM

And it's one sweet kitchen!


Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 12:28 PM


Absolutely! That's where I think that the "Parisian" look really comes from. Don't forget that fab herringbone flooring..

How To Decorate Like a Parisian
2/18/14 12:45 PM

This is a fantastic idea...but here's why it might not work though.

my husband will come home at the end of the day, and say to me, 'honey, what did you do today?', to which I reply, 'i changed a light bulb' It's a joke of course but it references a wonderful part from a 'malcolm in the middle' episode:

husband comes home, tries to turn on the dining room light
the light bulb is blown and needs to be changed
TASK: change the light bulb in the dining room
go to the closet where light bulbs are
the shelf in the closet is loose
go to the drawer to get a screwdriver to fix the shelf
the drawer is squeeky
go to the garage to get the wd-40 to fix the drawer
out of wd-40
go to the car to go to the store to buy wd-40
car won't start
wife comes home and finds the husband under the car fixing it so he can go to the store to buy wd-40, she says "can you replace the light bulb in the dining room?"
husbands reply: "what does it look like I'm doing?"

you can watch it here: http://i.minus.com/ibaDjk7AeIcvxv.gif

Some days are just like that. All you can do is get the light bulb changed

\"Tidy Time\" vs. Tidy All The Time:
A Key Concept To A Cleaner Home

9/12/13 02:15 PM

First, my answer: Absolutely not. never. not happening.

There are a LOT of people that think that e-readers are great. I'm not one of them.
There many books that you cannot even find currently in print, much less in e-book form.
Anyone, I mean ANYONE, who tells you that you can find everything available electronically is absolutely crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y!
I am forever finding films that can only be found on used VCR tapes, and some not even in that old format. No, they are not available on dvd.
There was a recipe that I searched and searched for on the internet. Couldn't be found. I had to go to the library and search through their back issues (I knew vaguely what magazine it was in.) There's only one library in this city that had the particular issue.

Besides, if nothing else, there is something tactile about holding and reading a book; it's precious to hold something in your hands that is just yours. Oops! the kindle ate all my books. Then what? Maybe it hasn't happened yet, but hard drives do die.

I'm waiting for the hipsters to pick up on the paper trend the way that they did on the vinyl (records) trend.

Are Books Obsolete? Thoughts on the Printed Word
6/19/13 12:38 PM

Sorry Mr. Maxwell sir,
I subscribe to the Tony Duquette "More is more" theory of design. Miles Redd, Dorothy Draper.
All divine, and I wouldn't say that a single one would be considered....

I will always believe that a room filled with books, stacks of them, will always be more appealing than an ipad.
I can still read even when the power goes out, and don't have to worry about battery life.

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/3/13 05:54 PM

I would like to make the following suggestion, leave the yellow tile as is.
I am sure that you don't love it and the grout could certainly use a good cleaning and then sealing. But the yellow tile adds contrast and character to the room. And as much as I like white subway tile, it will really 'white out' the room.
I have found sometimes leaving things as they are (as hard as that may be to do) can be more rewarding in the long run. You find that you will grow to love something that you were sure that you would never love.

Before & After: Abigail's \"Can of Paint\" Quick Kitchen Updates Renters Solutions
4/17/13 12:25 PM

In the animal kingdom, it's called 'thinning out the herd'...and based upon how some children are today, it might not be a bad idea. (Parents: I said SOME children not all...)

Besides, as has been said MANY times before, a lot of us grew up in MCM homes and strangely are not dead, so I guess they're not too deadly.

Will Mid-Century Modern Homes Kill Your Children? Projectophile
4/15/13 03:11 PM