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Hm, I heard this tip from a photographer friend, but haven't tried it yet. Put invisible scotch tape on your little one's finger tips. They'll be really engrossed trying to pick off the tape, then call them and they'll look straight up for the shot :)

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10/10/11 11:07 PM

OMG! Love this room :) Totally saving the pictures for inspiration. Eulalie is adorable!

Eulalie's Playfully Bohemian Nursery
Nursery Tour

10/6/11 03:11 PM

Hey everyone, this was my question :) Thanks so much for all the tips!

Bookworm81: Great idea for the wrapping paper! I was thinking maybe scrap book paper, but wrapping paper is more affordable/useful :)

Andijl: Never used ModPodge, but I am moderately crafty, so I think I might be able to handle it :) I will also check etsy, too. Thanks!

Kaete: I mentioned this to my husband and he was like, "Yeah, Home Depot. I thought so." Haha! I could kick his butt. Compared to the $85 per tin, 6 for $67 is a bargain! :) Thanks a bunch!!

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9/14/11 05:24 PM

Love the girlyness of the room :3 Makes me want to have a girl now!

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9/11/11 03:09 PM

These are so awesome :3

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9/11/11 02:50 PM

great idea!

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6/20/11 10:34 AM

Stole this awesome idea! :) Thanks for the inspiration!! But used an ikea shadowbox frame instead:

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6/16/11 08:39 PM

Love it!! He looks adorable sitting on the chair :) Where did you pick up the clock? (I keep saying I'm done decorating, but can't seem to help myself.. )

Harry's Little Blue Box
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #50

5/19/11 04:24 PM

so cuuuuute!

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5/19/11 11:59 AM

Cute clouds :)

Adelaide's Kooky Hideaway
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #46

5/19/11 11:56 AM

Safety comments are generally annoying, but that laundry room post was just so sad :(

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5/18/11 12:31 PM

Absolutely love the room!! :) Stealing the ribbon tie idea for our closet.

I'm so tired reading of all these safety lectures on AT. :( Can't we just appreciate the beautiful spaces?

Rosie Roo's Comfy Cranny
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #33

5/18/11 12:01 PM

Cute decorations but yeah to echo the above :( just not feeling this one...

Boston's Laundry Lair
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #25

5/16/11 12:14 PM

I was thinking maybe even socks and undies in the card catalog. Or since June Bug is a girl, lots of bows and hair clips :)

Lovely room!

Animals & Books & Art, Oh My!
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #10

5/11/11 12:29 PM

Love the trees and the crib wall :) Our future son's room is teeny tiny too. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Stella and Olivia's Cottage in the Woods
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #12

5/11/11 12:25 PM

Aw!! So cute!!! :) My dad would let my brother do this with peanut butter and jelly.

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5/5/11 12:49 PM

There's one on the side of a local mom and pop ice cream shop. Looks like the place has been there forever and the chalkboard doesn't seem to be cracked or too weathered. Definitely a cute idea :)

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5/5/11 12:37 PM

Love the car/ road rug :) I'm trying to convince my husband to put one under the crib so it can get some actual use in two years. Where did you get it??

Calvin's Bright Bedroom
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #4

5/5/11 12:34 PM

Great idea! Does the chalkboard come off? Just thinking about christmas time. :)

Before & After: A Stylish Babyproof Fireplace
4/15/11 12:20 PM

Wow, he should totally win the husband of the year award :)

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3/29/11 12:10 PM