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I've lived in my 500 sq foot apartment for 10 years now. I've added a husband and a son, who is now almost 6! Kids love the coziness. My son never asked for his own room. Last year we had to bring it up to him like "How would you like it if we turned this back room into a bedroom for you?! Your very own!" His answer was the equivalent of "Meh". It's only an 8x5 room but it turned out sooo cute. I feel all panicky when I think of the day he's going to outgrow his custom built, 5 foot long loft bed. I don't think I'll want a much bigger house. I'd get lonely. I hear ya Sugar!

Family of Three, 380 Square Feet Los Angeles Times | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/29/10 01:31 AM

I painted my floors white last year and never looked back. I love them. They've elevated the apartment to home-like. Everyone raves about them. Granted, the wood was in bad shape so I didn't feel bad about doing it. It looks so much more polished.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Design Dare?
12/18/08 12:50 AM