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OK, well I like the idea, if you can get them from the op shop / thrift shop, but the waste of that inside space was bothering me so I thought, "why not put hinges on the bottom part of the cases then, when you undid the clasps, you'd have a bottom shelf, too." That, I could live with.

Ki Nassauer's Vintage Suitcase Shelves WorthPoint
4/11/13 07:07 PM

I've noticed that there are new 'scratch-hiding' formula car polishes on the market now. You could try some of that on (a small part, to start with) the table and see how that works; it could do both for you. I'm going to get some and use it, not only on the car, but also on my whitegoods i.e. washing machine, dryer and fridge.

3 Quick Fixes for Scratched Tables
4/11/13 07:02 PM