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This is always an interesting discussion. I don't know what I criticize more, a huge house or the architecture on newer homes! Having said that, I own two huge homes. Ugh! Our main house is around 3900sf. There are 3 adults and two teenagers. The space above the garage is included in this and is a large room where my husband works from home. This also includes a finished partial basement. It is plenty big.

Our second home we purchased last year in an area we have always wanted to own land. We plan to live there until we die. Well, that 80 acre farm came with a 1978 rambling ranch of about 4500 sf. Not on my list of wants or needs! there is a crawl space and no attic. The previous owners had 10 children. I think the size was pretty justified for them! We debated tearing it down and building something smaller. In the end, the price to build a 2000 sf home was as much to build as it was to fix up the existing home and make it a lot more energy efficient. I'd say it was more environmentally friendly to remodel than tear down. Imagine that huge house in a land fill and then, going out and getting all new materials to rebuild. We planned to move into this home in May and sell our city home. But, plans have been delayed for a while. I do have a large extended family who often come to visit our farm.

I know, this is long!

We just spent the last 3 months traveling in Japan, Korea, and Europe. We used Air B and B online to rent homes/flats to stay in. We noticed some things about home size. The large cities generally have small homes and the country side larger homes. Some homes were very large. The US is the same way. The Layout of a house makes a huge difference on how much space you need! Larger new homes cost as much to heat as many older not updated homes. I noticed that most people dry their clothes on a drying rack. I am sure this saves a lot of energy! Besides their dryers take FOREVER to dry! It is faster to hang your clothes on the heat register or rack to dry. Saves a lot of wear and tear on clothing.

I often get annoyed at two people living in a huge new " green" house! Do huge and green go together? I realize that many of us do own larger homes than we need and more homes than we need! ( me!) But, it is so difficult to tell what people's individual needs are. Do you work from home? Is someone in your home handicapped? Do your aging parents live with you? Do you entertain a lot? How do you guage how big is too big? It is like telling people what their political views should be. Or their religion or their family size. Of course we need to take care of our mother Earth!

So, what should we do? Start with yourself. Make continual small changes in your life style. Share what a difference it has made for you and how you did it. Once people are kindly enlightened, they can study for themselves and make better choices. Everyone doing this will make BIG change.

Remember, " Throwing mud" just makes people mad, confused, and hateful.


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