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BungalowBlue...the money in your pocket is filthier than anything in your bathroom.
So, no...washing machines are made for cleaning clothes and cloths. Why would putting dirty fabric in a washing machine be problematic? Makes no sense at all.

Keeping Your Bathroom \"Company Clean\" In 5 Minutes A Day
1/14/14 10:06 PM

I will temper my previous comment a bit. I still don't like it, but it's mostly for two reasons (other than painting a piece that was meant to be a wood finish): The doors are not hung evenly. Not have that straight line, now that's it's completely obvious because of the white paint, is annoying. And why are the drawer pulls not the same dark brown as the other parts? It makes it look cheap.

Before & After: Claire's Contrasting Credenza Makeover
1/12/14 01:32 PM

On the GardenWeb forums, a man who goes by the username 'tapla' has spent many years informing people there about water movement and retention in containers. I began following his advice a few years ago, and my plants have never looked better. Drainage layers are a myth and he'll prove it to you if you take the time to read is major post on Water Retention and Movement. Here's a link.


Gardening Tip: Use Old Terracotta Pots For Plant Drainage
5/31/13 09:53 PM

I'm confused. Did the lines in the doors get sanded down and disappear?

I really hate when people destroy such gorgeous mid-century design.

Finishes for Vintage Credenza? Good Questions
4/5/13 08:12 PM

How about making some spoon oil/wood butter and "finishing" the piece with that? 4 parts food grade mineral oil (other oils can go rancid) and 1 part beeswax...just melt the beeswax and warm up the oil, then mix together and let cool.

I have used it on some wood furniture that doesn't have a hard, impenetrable finish. 1) It's a wonderful process, spreading it on and working it in with your hands. It really makes you fall in love with your furniture. 2) It makes the wood look amazing. The oil will keep the wood happy and the beeswax will give it some protection. I had some light water stains on one piece, and it completely evened them out. With raw wood like that you may need to apply a few times and then regularly for its life, but it's such a great piece of furniture. It would be a treat to do so.

Finishes for Vintage Credenza? Good Questions
4/5/13 08:09 PM