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Italian wedding soup and cream puffs.

The Dishes I Never Order Out Because They're Better at Home
4/11/14 11:03 AM

This looks lovely but i have a non-recipe-related question ... can you tell me what pattern your flatware is? It's beautiful!

Passover Recipe: Chicken Soup with Shallot-Shiitake Matzo Balls Recipes from The Kitchn
4/10/14 01:51 PM

You could build raised beds on legs made of 2 x 4s - make them about waist high and that should take care of any dogs or little kids. My dad does this because he can't bend/kneel easily any longer. He puts drainage holes in the bottom of the wood (cedar, no pressure-treated wood for growing food), puts a fabric weed barrier down first (the fabric keeps soil from draining out of the holes but lets water through) and then fills the beds with a lightweight potting soil/compost mix. My dad has a little grid of 4'x'4 squares so he can move around them and reach in without straining.

Tell Us All About Your Gardening Plans! The 2014 Garden
4/7/14 03:26 PM

It's raised beds for me! I live in New England and the soil is rocky so they are the way to go if you don't want to break your back. I have 2 raised beds (made of granite curbing as wood rots after a few years) and I'll be putting in a mix of herbs (thyme, lemon balm, parsley, basil) and veggies (beans, peas, carrots, squash) and flowers (all annuals) in my potager. I also plan to grow potatoes in 'grow bags' so we'll see how they do. I'll be planting salad mix in deck planters and staggering my planting times so I can have continual lettuce w/o worrying about bolting. And my mint grows in a big galvanized tub because it's very invasive and I don't want to spend all my summer weeding it out of the rest of my plants!

it was a long winter - can you tell I'm excited?

Tell Us All About Your Gardening Plans! The 2014 Garden
4/7/14 12:21 PM

Always let your roasted or grilled meat rest for at least 5-10 minutes before eating in order for the juices to redistribute - much more flavorful!

Our Readers' 5 Best Tips for Learning How to Cook Meat Reader Intelligence Report
3/31/14 08:55 AM

When giving your dog apples, make sure every bit of the core and seeds are removed for both choking hazards and poison - apple seeds apparently contain cynanide and are extremely dangerous to dogs.

11 Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Treats for Your Dog or Cat
3/26/14 12:29 PM

As a 30-something, may I add ...

Purchasing inexpensive, simple white plates serves you well in the long run. We still use my 'starter set' to fill in during parties. Those plates have been around for a long time.

Ikea linen curtains look a lot more expensive than they are and can be hemmed with iron-on tape that can be removed when you move to the next place with different size windows. They look great paired with Home Depot bamboo blinds.

What I Wish I Knew About Home Decor When I Was 22
2/27/14 11:50 AM

Ooh, thank you for posting this! This is next on our list for our kitchen redo. If anyone has any information on venting an induction cooktop, I'd be grateful. Our current gas cooktop had a built-in vent but it seems induction cooktops do not. :-(

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Range Hood or Vent?
2/27/14 09:21 AM

I have just a couple ...

When making a crust for apple or pumpkin pie, stir in just a dash of both white sugar and cinnamon. People always want to know how I make my crust.

When making Italian Wedding Soup, add a dash of worcestershire sauce to the broth just before adding the spinach. It gives a depth of flavor that people can never figure out until I reveal the ingredient.

On Why I Think You Should Tell Us Your Kitchen Secrets Weekend Meditation
2/17/14 03:35 PM

I nearly choked on my tea with laughter when I read your comment about the stovetop - I have the JA gas cooktop and I despise it - 2 of the 4 burners refuse to work and the technicians can't figure out why and the top is NEVER clean no matter how much I scrub. It's so annoying! I dream of a smooth-top induction cooker.

My (Occasionally) Half-Assed Kitchen Weekend Meditation
2/10/14 08:59 AM

Your poor mom! This may sound stupid but I've had to do it and it's pretty effective: have her carry a long-handled bag, like a small tote, and make sure the strap is long enough to wear cross-body. When she reheats her food, make sure ithe container has a lid with a good seal so she can slip it into the bag and carry it to the table safely using her crutches as it's almost impossible to carry anything while using two crutches and darn hard to carry anything hot while using one crutch.

Ideas for Some Make-Ahead Meals That Reheat Well? Good Questions
2/6/14 09:29 AM

I keep a rubber dishpan under the sink and pull it out when I begin cooking. I tried using a mixing bowl but I always seemed to need it during cooking and ended up washing it out to use so I resorted to the dishpan and it works well. Plus, the dishpan sits under the pipe under the sink when not in use and caught most of the water when the pipe broke.

Don't Wash This Bowl! A Soapy Bowl By the Sink Is the First Step in Washing Up Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
2/3/14 09:35 AM

I just finished reading this book! Glad to know I wasn't the only one confused about flexible foods. I'm really thinknig about trying this. Thank you for the honest review.

I Tried Mark Bittman's VB6 Diet, and Here's How It Went
9/13/13 02:23 PM

You could look at KitchenAid's website for the closest reapir shop. They might be able to touch it up for a nominal fee.

Help! I Chipped the Paint on My New KitchenAid Stand Mixer Good Questions
7/2/13 09:33 AM

I need to try this! My travel breakfast for road travel is a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich in a whole wheat wrap. Breakfast for air travel is a Xanax.

My Favorite Early Morning Travel Snack: Avocado Toast
6/4/13 04:03 PM

Could you make it into a lazy susan so the round could spin and guests could serve themselves at their leisure? It would also be a bit elevated on your table then. It's a beautiful piece!

Flea Find: A Tabletop Turned Cheeseboard The Cheesemonger
4/10/13 02:29 PM

As a kid, Saturday lunch was traditionally egg salad made by my dad. His recipe is almost identical to the basic recipe posted above. We always used Lawry's Seasoned Salt instead of table salt to give it a little more zip. A heap of egg salad with curly red lettuce on wholegrain bread is still a staple. I smile when I see my brother making it for his daughters now!

How To Make Classic Egg Salad Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/5/13 10:41 AM