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I had been admiring the robot, but my concern was about the framing. I know that the site says these fit standard size frames, but these are from the UK. I seem to only be able to find the appropriate frames abroad. I'm concerned that between exchange rates and shipping, this may get costly. Any suggestions?

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1/23/09 02:59 PM

I think part of keeping the clutter down is buying smart in the first place. Whenever I see someone with holiday specific dinnerware and serving dishes all I can think about is how much space they must have! By choosing white, glass, silver, or other neutral colors and patterns I can use the dishes I have for pretty much any event. (Since I do most of my entertaining at Christmas I do have a few red items, but they are just red. No holly or Santas.) If I want a specific holdiay feel I do that with centerpieces and linens.

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12/17/08 02:58 PM

Wow. It's a little late now, but I just learned this was posted.

Here is the recipe for the cheese rounds. I got it from a set of circa 1980s recipe cards that I bought at a silent auction.

Cheese Rounds

1 c. butter
4 c. (1 lb.) shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. cayenne

Cream butter with mixer or food processor using steel blade. Blend in cheese, flour, and cayenne.

Chill about 1 hour. Shape into 1 inch balls.

Roll balls in sesame and/or poppy seeds. Place on ungreased baking sheet 1.5 inches apart. Chill for at least one hour.

Bake at 400 degrees about 10 min. Do not brown. The rounds will not be dry when done.

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12/16/08 11:59 AM