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I love and need that navy and white Ikat throw. What is it/where is it from?

Paul & Katie's Vintage Modern Bellevue Loft House Tour
7/18/14 04:40 PM

Amen, Dulcibella. I have spent the last month moving. Stuff is stuff and enough is enough. I have enough.

I have never regretted not stopping at a garage sale or thrift store. Not looking is the best way to avoid regret.

Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
7/18/14 03:58 PM

Yes, liquid will drip through open weave placemats. If you have kids and liquid is milk, you'll find little grids of crusty dried milk under the placements.

Cloth works better in this respect. However, cloth placemats need more than a quick wipe with a dish cloth to clean them. Better like ironing. Sigh.

My favorites have been some very thin mats, unhemmed and entirely flat, made of recycled material (tires?). I bought them at Crate and Barrel, but they don't carry them anymore. Liquid beaded up on them for a bit and was slow to sink through.

Tightly woven straw is a second best. Target usually has some thicker soft vinyl or thinner stiff mats with cute designs. Still a bit tacky, but worth it if you have kids.

What's Better: Vinyl or Cloth Placemats? Good Questions
7/10/14 09:33 AM

Nope, no trends here. Not the skulls, not the cowhide, not the other natural curiosities, nor the dark grey, the southwestern blanket, the wood plank wall, the concrete counters or the Malm bed.

That is not to critique the place, but the idea that trends are boring or bad. They set a mood here with trends.

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/10/14 01:01 AM

We bought our sofa from They will customize everything from the length, to seat depth, to fabric, even the number of buttons on the pillows. For example, we chose similar cushions to those in your picture. But we opted for just one row of buttons, and a long bench seat with no tufting (don't need little cat fur collection pockets around here). They have a physical store where I live and the sales people/designers were great-- No hard sell. I imagine their online service is good, too.

Small Chaise Loveseat Similar To EQ3's Reverie? Good Questions
7/7/14 09:26 AM

If you freeze a few pennies in the water it will keep the flies away.

Amp Up The Ice in Your Jewelry This Summer
7/3/14 10:13 AM

I don't don't think she has to be relentlessly positive. But the house she's moving into is never going to be the old house. It's perfectly fine to be sad about leaving the old house and the life you established there.

But I will say this as a life lesson learned personally, sometimes taking the time to appreciate what you're going to have can help. I moved under pretty awful conditions out of the house that I liked a lot into it a very rough apartment. Tile floors that were peeling off. It had a tiny little kitchen with no dishwasher and cupboards that were plyboard covered in many layers of muck brown paint. The floors throughout were vinyl tiles. I cried.

I missed my house. A lot. But. I eventually learned from the apartment that I enjoyed not having to spend my time doing yard work, having a property manager fix stuff when it broke, being in a community with many families and letting my kids run freer than they had in a suburban home with a big fenced yard. I learned to cook easy, healthy meals in the little kitchen.

I missed so many things about my house. But the new place offered its own benefits. I had to be willing to see them.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/3/14 08:06 AM

Oh, and since there is no yard, enjoy your time NOT mowing and weeding. New hobby time!!

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 11:51 PM

Yes, this! Appreciate what the new place can offer.
It looks quite decent, actually.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 11:34 PM

The scientist in me isn't spending time trying to figure out why something works until I have established that it actually does. Correlation, causation, samples, controls, variables, stuff like that matters. To scientists, anyway.

How To Keep Flies Away Naturally
7/2/14 11:30 PM

Rosandra, that is impressive! Not at all what I expected. That takes some serious vision to think up. For those who didn't look, Rosandra designed a futuristic, space ship library with embedded lighting and all. It is definitely worth a look!

Beyond Toy Storage: 20 Ways to Hack, Tweak, Repurpose & Reimagine IKEA's Trofast
7/2/14 11:19 PM

Now that is a constructive, helpful and nonjudgemental response!

Help Brainstorm Ideas For Redoing My Living Room? Good Questions
6/30/14 05:22 PM

I think the question is do you want company or not? If you want the company, don't worry about the house. If the house is messy because you're overwhelmed and you would rather spend some time alone or with your kids tidying up, then don't have the play date. The messiness or tidiness of your house should not be the main factor in the decision.

To Playdate or Not To Playdate When Your House is a Mess?
6/30/14 05:02 PM

This is beautifully decorated. It looks like it was done by a professional. (I mean that in the best of ways.) I really like the balance of neutrals and of color--The master bedroom especially.

Trisha's Suburban Twin Cities Style House Call
6/30/14 04:20 PM

MN is not Michigan.

Trisha's Suburban Twin Cities Style House Call
6/30/14 04:15 PM

I was going to respond, but Ciddyguy made all the relevant points. Agree 100%.

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/27/14 12:34 PM

Ikea Billy bookcases. Lots of them in a finish you like. Or, if your budget is bigger, some of the wooden shelving units from World Market.

Grad school=books and papers. With bookcases you get extra storage and cover up ugly walls.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/27/14 09:58 AM

While I strongly--really strongly--recommend drywalling to make this problem go away, if you don't want to do that, you could make a faux window by hanging full length drapes there (and on the other side of the room for symmetry).

Replacement For No-Longer-Needed In-Wall Air Conditioner? Good Questions
6/27/14 09:48 AM

And I thought Europeans were more semiotically sophisticated. First, given that at least two at the pictures posted are from tours of homes outside the US, you're quite clearly wrong that this is something only Americans would do. Secondly, I suspect you're wrong to assume that patriotism is the only reason someone might hang a flag in their home. As with many other things on the site, the graphic design elements may underlie the interest and appeal. Further, designers in the US may use the flag to denote a lifestyle, not nationalist sentiments. Meaning is complex like that.

Show Style + Spirit with an Oversized Flag
6/18/14 12:14 AM

Impeccable! Where did you get that quilt?

Before & After: Annette and Gustavo's Incredible Garage Remodel
6/13/14 08:39 AM