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while I know the value of crates, I was never into using them. especially when we tried to use it with my ill-behaved dog, he dismantled the crate in order to get out of it. eventually I was desperate, knew I'd have no other choice while maintenance workers would need access to our apartment while I was away, so I zip-tied the crate together and used it again. now that he has no choice, he LOVES his crate. we leave the door open while we are home and he uses it to hang out. who knew all this time he just needed his own private space? no more marking while we're gone and returning to a home reeking of urine! (he's also a chihuahua)

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3/7/14 03:11 PM

whew, you guys are harsh!

I like it, good for an industrial-modern decor

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2/28/14 12:55 PM

ooo, where do I get the bed?

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10/29/13 08:05 PM

I can't believe no one has this situation:

I would be happy to display mine, but my husband-to-be has no college degree, so I wouldn't want it to appear I'm (literally) hanging it over him.

My degree was given in a portfolio thing, and I've never framed it, so I could just prop it up on a bookshelf. But that would require finding it at my parents' house...

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8/20/13 03:04 PM

I love what these guys have done with wood: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BuiltConcrete?ref=seller_info

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4/3/13 08:59 PM