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And the bench and the cushion?

A Playroom for the Whole Family to Enjoy Professional Project
6/12/14 02:06 PM

Would love to see more healthy quick recipes!

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 02:01 PM

Isn't this a really expensive option? I've priced this out because I love having frozen foods on hand and I only have space for a smaller sized fridge in my kitchen. I priced them starting at about $3000 -- and my fridge was only $1800!

What Are the Pros & Cons of Under-Counter Fridges & Freezers? Good Questions
5/28/14 01:55 PM

I use the binder, pinterest and Word docs. Not so easy to track things down. Will check out the apps. But one thing I didn't see mentioned is making a book on my publisher or shutter fly. My family and I spent time putting together all of our Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes and published a book for everyone for Christmas one year. We scanned in some recipes and typed in others -- included a lot of pics and funny stories -- and used drawing of our grandparents house on the cover. Big hit -- and I pull it out every single year and look at the family photos and funny stories and I actually use it for my recipes! It's worth it to take the time to do this for something like holiday recipes - maybe not for the everyday stuff!

Where Did You Get That Recipe? And How Do You Keep Yours Organized?
10/23/13 09:24 AM

Thank you all! I'm terrible at sewing so will attempt one of the no sew ideas and check on Pinterest. Thanks again!!

Good DIY For This Squared Edge Curtain Valance? Good Questions
4/25/13 02:35 PM

I love these! One of my biggest considerations when choosing a rocker was having comfortable armrests. I got the Babyletto Madison swivel glider -- only $314!

Best Rocking Chairs Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
9/5/12 10:17 PM

Hi! Where did you get the metal buckets on the changing table? Those are fantastic for organization -- have been trying to think of what to use and these seem perfect and accessible!

Magnolia's Old, New & Handmade Room My Room
5/22/12 04:29 PM

Barley water. You can use the barley then for breakfast.

What Can I Make with Pearl Barley? Ingredient Questions
5/14/12 02:02 PM

Just saw one of the leading cancer researchers on Martha Stewart -- he made an anti-cancer smoothie with papaya! http://www.marthastewart.com/899854/anticancer-smoothie

What Are Some Good Papaya Recipes?Ingredient Questions
4/17/12 05:05 PM

What about a polenta cake? Those aren't too sweet and you can cut out the glaze. Just add berries.

I love a clafouti too -- there's a good recipe with blackberries and thyme from Chef Love. I actually make it with less of the sugar and it doesn't hurt anything. http://www.cheftimlove.com/Press/InStyle051910.pdf

Or Mario Batali's pastry chef has the recipe for her saffron panna cotta online. It's amazing. They have a rhubarb compote with it too. Not too sweet either...http://www.babbonyc.com/dolci-rhubarb_panna_cotta.html

Help Me Find a Celebratory (Yet Not Too Sweet) Treat for a Birthday PartyGood Questions
4/9/12 12:56 PM

To get the centers out just cut a little off the top of the roll and then scoop out the centers with your fingers. You can even save the top as "lid" for presentation and dipping in the egg.

Customizable Bread Bowls: Make Quick Appetizers (or Brunch) With Dinner Rolls
4/6/12 05:46 PM

Martha Stewart actually has a great Easter salad with grapefruit, avocado and papaya that I make each year. It's also really pretty-- and one of her recipes that actually works .... http://www.marthastewart.com/332641/easter-salad

Help Me Make an Elegant Fruit Salad for Easter DinnerGood Questions
4/6/12 05:43 PM

I just also got over morning sickness and was nauseous every minute of every day (granted for a happy reason). I agree with the woman who talked about just having food and no real recipes. Toast, grapes, crackers, congee, etc. A few tips that did help tremendously: don't consume liquids with food (too bloating) - so for me any broth soups were a no go; you can cut matchsticksbof ginger and put right on you gums (used for chemotherapy patients); and what was most effective was plugging into my iPod listening to guided meditation (simply being). Also eat lots of small meals every few hours. Best thing to do is keep the fridge stocked and be on call for grocery runs.

Ideas for Mild & Freezer-Friendly Foods?
Recipe Questions

3/3/12 03:41 PM

Also saw something on the Barefoot Contessa about dough that was difficult to stretch and she said the key was that it wasn't properly kneaded. You might try kneading it more and letting it rest.

Help! My Pizza Dough Always Sticks to the Rolling Pin
Good Questions

8/3/11 02:37 PM

What a great idea for a post. Have been struggling with this exact issue and have never seen anyone cover it.

Zen at Home: Working Out in a Small Space
7/29/11 01:18 PM

I'm tired of this social engineering and trying to influence behavior. This is the US -- how ridiculous. Aren't we already paying good tax dollars to educating people about nutrition? Are we saying that program isn't working??

Should We Tax Bad Food?
7/25/11 07:32 PM

I agree that the bottom lip will get grimy and smudgy and look dirty pretty fast. Either add the hardware or paint the lip a darker color like charcoal or something along those lines -- something that would hide the smudges.

Should We Add Hardware To Our Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

5/20/11 06:23 PM

Does anyone have a recipe for steel cut oat muesli? Would be fun to make that in these little jars.

Oatmeal in Jars: Make a Week of Breakfast in 5 Minutes
4/7/11 01:28 PM

Anyone recall where the zig zag euro shams came from? Have been looking for something like that. Thanks!

Before & After: Bedroom Makeover by Danny Seo
2/23/11 01:55 PM

I agree that the less than $200 would fall under "affordable"! Two good options at Wisteria (love this site!) too -- one at $79 and one at $119. They also have a few option in the $300 range.



Ask And You Shall Receive: Starburst Mirrors
2/18/11 12:52 PM