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I have three of these.
We've been remodeling our house and they have been a lifesaver. I've used them as a bookshelf, a pantry, a rolling closet, and a makeshift kitchen -we layed masonite over one shelf so we had a worksurface and a place to put the coffee pot -they just moved to whatever room we were working on. If (when?) we ever finish our remodel we can put them in the basement for general storage.

Apartment Therapy New York | Metro Shelves in the Kitchen
3/18/09 06:47 PM

Jar of spaghetti sauce. In the pantry/ only closet in my college apartment. Multiple sets of skis and ski poles, a snowboard, the vacuum and broom, a drafting table I was storing, linens, literally everything I owned that would be in a closet was covered in tomato sauce with little shards of glass.

I've also experienced the pain of a toner explosion - magenta. Besides me and a table covered in papers, it also got all over a color sample board of textured stone. Would your client rather have tannish-magenta or grayish-magenta stone on their building?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled? Melbourne
2/19/09 06:43 PM

Well, with the exception of a tv stand I once bought at Target, all of my furniture is thrift, hand-me-down, or homemade - But I did blow an entire annual bonus check and some money my parents gave me as a wedding gift all on one fantastic painting. Four years later and I still don't have a proper bed. Put some really nice art on the wall and no one will notice your ratty couch.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Who Was Your First? Your First High End Purchase
2/4/09 04:32 PM

I like listening to stories - Prairie Home Companion or This American Life makes my kitchen feel cozy.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The Kitchn's Cooking Playlist
12/15/08 12:45 PM