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I LOVE this loft! So much personality, a Maxilmalist after my own heart. Thanks for sharing! I am inspired.

-M Vlasic,

Caryn's Enchanting Fairytale Loft in Atlanta House Tour
7/4/14 02:12 PM

Great article! Well written and comprehensive. I get nearly all my frames from the thrift store and yard sales for a few $ a piece (and "rescue" good art there, too ;-), and recently repainted a bunch of them for a more cohesive look. Here's the blog post if you'd like to see:

Frugal Living: How To Frame Your Art on the Cheap Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/30/14 10:23 AM

Great article! I've been Yard Sale-ing & Thrifting since I crawl ;-) In fact, I just came home from my weekly trip to Goodwill a few minutes ago! You may enjoy a couple articles I've written on my blog sharing all my Tipos & Tricks for Thrifting & Yard Sales: I also post all my great designer finds ;-) Get out there, go shopping, and have fun!
-Marie Vlasic

Spring Secondhand Shopping: Guide to Thrift Stores, Flea Markets & Yard Sales
3/28/14 03:55 PM

As an artist, I would agree with those that said visit artist's studios and buy direct. Not only will you usually get a better deal, but make a personal connection with the artist and to the work. Many of my collector's have become good friends. Buying original art Supports The Arts! Believe me, we need you.
-M Vlasic,

How to Find Affordable Art:
The Ultimate Online Source List Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies

3/6/14 12:46 PM

Great advice! I do all these things. Here's a great dresser I scored from just down the street that I made over for our bedroom:
(For you folks afraid of bedbugs, there are things you can do. Anything that can handle the dryer on high, put it in there for 20 minutes. High heat kills them. 0 degrees (ie: a freezer) also kills them, leave items in there for 3.5 days. Here in Colorado, I left the dresser in our unheated garage for the Winter, where the temperature got cold enough for days several times.)

How To Get Free Furniture: 4 Ideas
3/2/14 12:52 PM

How about a nightstand made out of old magazines? That's what I did...

10 Unusual Things to Use as a Nightstand
2/14/14 03:32 PM

Marvelous! So glamorous yet well-edited. You have some wonderful pieces! The dark walls work so well with your decor. Oh, and if you come home one day to find those adorably kitschy symbol-clanging monkey gone, I probably stole them ;-)
-Marie Vlasic

Tim's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
1/16/14 01:05 PM

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your personalities shine through in a big way. Your home is chock full of so many great decorating ideas! The chandelier out of earrings, the lamp shade multiples hung from the ceiling, and the sparkle-wall fireplace is marvelous! That Barbara Streisand 70's kitch painting in the bedroom had me laughing out loud. You two are definitely maximalist decorators after my own heart ;-) ( I too own a mannequin, her name is "Tallulah", you can see her on my blog -Marie Vlasic

Shaun & Matt's Glam Loft House Tour
1/16/14 12:56 PM

This article is right up my alley! I love unusual and creative gift wrap, and there are some great ideas here. This year I did all my gifts using odds and ends from my craft closet. I hope you like them!
-Marie Vlasic

30 Homemade Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas
12/14/13 12:03 PM

I got a little crazy with all my gift wrapping this year, using all sorts of odds and ends and weird stuff for toppers. Here it s if you'd like to see it. Enjoy!
-Marie Vlasic

Gift Wrap Guide: Classic Prints
12/14/13 12:00 PM

LOVE this! As an artist, pug-owner, and certifiable Dog Freak, I'd love to receive any one of these gifts! I am a figurative painter, also do Dog Portraits upon request.
-Marie Vlasic

Woof! Gift Guide for Dog-Lovers
12/5/13 11:40 AM

This is a good tutorial in the basics, good tips! If you want an over-the-top mantle, you may enjoy what I did this year: Happy Decorating!
-Marie Vlasic

Fireplace Decorating Ideas: Easy Steps to a Beautiful Holiday Mantel
12/4/13 12:10 PM

I love these ideas! Especially #1 & #3...they are sparking ideas for next year! I love a big over-the-top holiday mantle. Here's what I did this year: Happy Holiday Decorating everyone!
-Marie Vlasic

Stylish Holiday Mantels, 15 Ways
12/4/13 12:07 PM

You did a great job! Looks great. I made a succulent hanging ball over the summer. Not as sweet as your wreath, but fun ;-)
Have a great Thanksgiving!

-Marie Vlasic

How To Make a Succulent Wreath Apartment Therapy Tutorial
11/26/13 12:06 PM

My home is full of weird and wild conversation pieces, including odd art "rescued" from various thrift stores, a 1980's mannequin form Neiman Marcus, a few wildly painted and handmade pieces of furniture, but my favorite is my taxidermy peacock, whom I've embellished with vintage jewelry. I blog about my DIYs at
-Marie Vlasic

What's Your Conversation Piece?
10/14/13 12:35 PM

Marvelous! Love it all! So charming and fun. I'm a total sucker for lights and light art (I have a giant "M" from on old sign in my living room, all lite up with color-changing led's. It's one of my prize possessions) Thanks for sharing your wonderful home with us!
-Marie Vlasic

Philip and Olivia's All the Fun of the Fair House House Tour
10/10/13 12:27 PM

LOVE LOVE is not a big enough word. I thought I was creative, you put me to shame. I am so inspired! Your art collection is killer, too. I've always wanted one of those Chinese beds! Spectacular. We also share a love of weird taxidermy. (I also have a Peacock ;-) If you'd ever consider a trade, (I think you'd like my paintings) I'd kill for one of your

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/29/13 09:21 PM

Great job on this room! Modern, sunny and inviting. Amy is a gal after my own heart! I am a Dumpster-diving Diva as well. I am constantly amazed at what people throw away! I just finished a restyle of a nice dresser we found down the street. I blog often about my finds and Alley-Make-Overs at I just snagged a set of 4 chairs a couple blocks away I'll be repainting and recovering for the dining room...Free=Awesome!
-Marie Vlasic

Before & After: Amy's Dumpster-Diving Digs
9/29/13 08:20 PM

Nice! I also live in an old Victorian (A "Denver Square" 1894 Victorian) and totally appreciate trying to keep all the charm and character of the beautiful old house while bringing it up to date with our modern and eclectic tastes. I have that same bathtub, we also painted it dark, we love it! I really like the sink and would like something like that, I'll have to check out Restoration Hardware...I blog about my funky home DIYs and redo's often at Almost done with my laundry room make-over! -Marie Vlasic

Andi & Dean's Modern Meets Victorian House Tour
8/1/13 01:34 PM

Love these, especially 2, 3 and 4. Mine isn't as artsy, but you might enjoy it. I was able to make it for bout $30.

Colorful Alternatives to the Mounted Animal Head
7/28/13 03:03 PM