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Love this post. So many timeless ideas.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/14/14 01:24 AM

Among all the explanations of color theory for decorating that I've read, this in one of the clearest. Thanks.

The Color Wheel: Your Guide to Choosing Perfect Paint Schemes
5/1/14 01:27 PM

If it is clean, not smelly, bugless and comfy, get it because it is fabulous. And I even hate MCM! I agree with jeannemarie above, don't tome it down work with it. The two are completely different approaches and in decorating, the latter is most often the better approach. Pairing it with jewel tones sounds great to me but also pillows in cool pale greys and blues for a more modern look could work esp. for summer. I often buy/make pillow covers in two sets of colors, one set for winter and the other for summer. (Lots of easy tutorials on the internet and YouTube). It's an inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home and if you choose fabrics you love, it's like getting new stuff each time you swap out your pillow covers. It was a common 1950's and '60's practice to actually have summer slip covers made for furniture as a practical way to lighten things up for warmer weather and to preserve the original upholstery by giving it a break from wear for a few months each year. And as far as finding pillow covers, I often find skirts and dresses in thrift stores made of gorgeous and unusual materials and use those to create interesting pillows for hardly any money. Good luck. It's awesome!

Do I Love this Pink Craigslist Sofa Enough? Good Questions
3/28/14 01:54 PM

Yep! It's been working wonders in our household for years. Glad you posted it.

How To Make Fart Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Smells Go Away
2/10/14 01:48 PM

This is one of the most successful DIY makeovers I've ever seen on AT and there are some fabulous makeovers here!. You have managed to take an older pre-mid century style piece and update it to something that has a mid-century feel but that could work with other styles as well, while still highlighting the lovely curvaceous lines of the original chest. I think the leather handles were brilliant. Their color and the natural leather material visually and cognitively tie the white stripes together with the the natural wood ones. Thanks for posting it. You've inspired me!

Before & After: Karrie's Antique Dresser Rescue
1/29/14 02:01 PM