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Living and breathing in a mom and pop brick and mortar home interior showroom for 20 years (and has been in business for 39 years) I would like to read more stories about other mom and pops who are still 'making it'. It's tough to survive out there with the internet and blogger 'designers' who make it big because they devote their time to blogging rather than designing.
While I liked reading about what resto is doing and how they are making the environment better ;-) I would rather like to be inspired by more of what we are... the little people who may never 'make it' but who will keep trying, keep balancing and keep making it every day. thank you!

Why The Huge Catalog?
And How Restoration Hardware is Becoming The Ikea of Luxury Furnishings

5/19/14 01:55 PM

no Italian?

Foreign Language ABC Prints & Posters
4/2/13 01:32 PM