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Nice transformation! Also, good job AT! It's clear you are listening to your readers and giving us better headline descriptions and another photo for comparison.

Before & After: IKEA Hemnes Nightstand Gets an Inventive Upgrade
3/21/14 11:21 AM

Looks great!

San Francisco Neighborhood to Get Rainbow Crosswalks Design News
3/17/14 10:31 PM

I love it. Especially the way the natural lighting compliments without overwhelming. It's so soft while being modern. Well done.

Tim's Urban Desert Light Box House Tour
11/16/13 09:46 PM

I also gasped at the components on top of the receiver. There is a product that can help with this:

You could also turn the mini on it's side beside the receiver, and velcro the other device to the top of the compartment to give the receiver some breathing room. Love the setup.

A Monochromatic Home Theater Min Hembio
10/31/13 07:32 PM

I have a few of the headphones listed here. I'm surprised the Shure SRH440 Professional Studio headphones aren't also listed. They are $99 at Amazon, and very comfortable with a warm, accurate sound.

Of those listed, my favorites would be the Grado's for comfort, sound, and ease of replacing the foam covers. The Sennheiser PX-100 II are amazing for the price. I use them when running on the bike trails. They're very comparable to the Koss PortaPro's which are only $35 on Amazon.

Best Headphones Under $100: 2013 Headphone Buyers Guide Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
7/9/13 10:47 AM

I'm chuckling to myself over all the Mac's. It's ironic that the original mantra of Mac users was standing out from the crowd, and doing your own thing. Now I see so many of these "chic" setups that are so cold, obsessively neat, and similar. I used to be a Mac user, but am back to building my own gaming desktop computers as I'm a power user and Mac's were not powerful enough for the price, and had overheating issues.

I love good design, but I don't love this trend of turning a tool into a piece of mass produced "art" that "everyone" has. Keep Calm and Carry On, the sequel.

A Roundup of the Neatest and Tidiest Home Office Desks Lifework
11/27/12 01:39 AM

It looks awesome. Too bad it's not a viable solution for many of us. Fortunately, buying a tv stand with good ventilation works really well. No holes, no overheating issues, no worries if I want to rearrange furniture, etc.

While wall mounting can be done nicely and safely for a price, it seems to create more issues than it fixes.

How To Create a Cord and Cable Free Home Entertainment TV Setup The Harpster Home
9/24/12 11:38 AM

I have that same wide/low basket! It's a catchall for cat toys, hand weights, and gadget pouches. I'm seriously thinking about doing something similar. Thanks for the idea! Now to find a safe place to spray paint...

I Tried It: DIY Painted Metallic Baskets
7/5/12 09:29 PM

I saw this, and went from hate to love in about 30 seconds. My initial response was that it's too bold, wild, etc. Then my inner child kicked in, (she makes all the major decisions) and I realized that I love each individual piece and have even coveted a few.

I could so work this! :)

A Happy Modern Living Room in CMYK Dream Living Room Inspiration
7/3/12 05:56 PM

I live in Sioux Falls, SD. It's the largest city in the state, but at about 124k people, I find it to be just right in size. I grew up here, and returned after a decade of world travel/education. Having lived in D.C., Frankfurt, Cairo, Baltimore, El Paso, Charleston, and San Francisco in the past, I chose Sioux Falls.

I have local access to some big box stores, but I don't shop at them. Ikea is 4 hours away, and I've made the trip once so far. But on that same trip, I also went to West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and a few other similar stores. It was fun, but planning was required. Basically I add $150 to the total for food/fuel.

I shop online almost exclusively. I joined Amazon Prime, and another annual flat rate shipping service to keep shipping costs from ruining the fun. There have been mistakes made, of course, (the Italian leather sofa from Overstock that looked great in the photo, but was actually built for Hobbits). But return shipping is still more convenient for me than shopping in person. Usually.

I love being able to live in a fly-over state, where my dollar goes a lot further for living expenses. I love having space and quiet whenever I want it. I love being able to drive 100 MPH on the highway because I'm the only one on it that I can see.

I love being able to go to the latest release movie on a moments notice without ever having to worry about it being sold out. I love that going to a concert is a mini vacation because I have to drive at least 200 miles to get there.

But what I love the most about Sioux Falls, is the people. That was the deciding factor in my choosing to live here. People are kind by default here. It's rare if I don't get a "hi" and a smile from virtually every person I pass. No state income tax is another bonus. :)

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 02:38 PM

For those of you posting about issues with LED lights bothering you at night, here's another solution.

Naturally, a frugal person would be able to find alternatives around the home. I had a sheet of small round smiley face stickers, and used them to cover the lights on my external hard drives, etc.

Stealthy & Stylish Tech Disguises Roundup
6/13/12 02:25 AM

Wow! The "before" totally drew me in, because I thought it looked pretty awesome. Then I clicked the "after", and now I get it. I love it! Come to my apartment and fix my office/playroom please!

Before & After: An Artist's Home Studio
4/2/12 08:35 PM

I got 3 of these off eBay from a dude out of Philly. They have the color changing lights inside. Putting them together was fun. They come flat and you connect the pieces at the corners. A bit like a puzzle, but simple enough. The LED lights are more an accent feature than a room light. Even on white light, they're not terribly bright. I leave them on all the time. I think I paid about $40 each.

Loomi: A DIY Modular Light Kit

3/22/12 06:14 PM

Where the Wild Things Are is the first book I remember from childhood. Like others, my mom gave me the Little House series too. Judy Blume books were a favorite. Ramona the Pest, and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Oh, and Freckle Juice.

We had several Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein books. I still have Where the Sidewalk Ends, and several others he wrote. Watership Down was a big one. The Narnia series.

The Pokey Little Puppy was the book I carried with me my whole life, and still possess. It's one of the many Golden Books that we all probably read as kids.

My Favorite Children's Books
Maxwell's Finds

3/22/12 05:32 PM

@Kiera: Thanks for the info. Very interesting! :)

Magic Jelly Beans for Easter See Jane Blog
3/15/12 08:23 PM

@JuneauAKGirl: I would look into which of the magazines you subscribe to are available on which device, and go with it. Here's a link that might be a bit helpful.

Personally, if magazines were my main reason for purchasing, I'd get a Kindle Fire.

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad
3/14/12 11:43 PM

The dinosaur is awesome. I do wish that the links to products we click in AT articles would open in a new page, rather than navigate us away from the site. I know I can right click, but I usually forget, and then get distracted, and don't return to AT that day.

Let Nature Liven Up Your Tech Setup
3/13/12 06:34 PM

I got the new iPad arriving on Friday, but you'll have to pry my Kindle from my cold, dead hands. While the iPad is technically capable as an e-reader, it's not a *good* e-reader. Eye-strain is one issue, but it's also too heavy in my opinion.

It took Amazon a few tries to get the Kindle light enough for me to bite, but I'm sure glad they did.

Why I'm Ditching an E-Reader for the New iPad
3/13/12 12:25 AM

I was planning on getting the Aeron chair, but not after these comments. Thanks! I'll opt for the Sayl instead. I've been using a tulip chair for a while now, and it's comfy for about 2 hours.

6 Reader-Favorite Task Chairs
3/12/12 09:37 PM

Whenever I see what others who live in big cities pay in rent, I feel good about living in South Dakota. I pay $855/month for a 2bed/1bath with full sized washer/dryer, 9ft ceilings, and underground parking. Indoor pool, theater, and gym are nice amenities. But the soft water is what sold me. I could get a similarly (sized) setup without the amenities/parking/laundry for about $600/month.

In Sioux Falls, $3k a month would get you a pretty nice house in a good neighborhood. The lofts downtown start at around $1k/month, but that's about the highest rental price that's not an executive estate.

I still giggle when I recall a time when I was visiting in Germany, and a native asked me where I live. When I said, "South Dakota", he asked what state that's in.

Renting Done Right: 10 Inspiring San Francisco Rentals House Tour Roundup
3/7/12 05:37 PM