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I'd like a poll on all these people who use up SO much water running extra loads of clothes for all the extra sheet cleaning they do.....I bet at least a good 75% of whine and gripe about any other issue that is affecting the environment. You don't care that you are using up one of our most valuable resources - WATER!

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/11/11 01:51 PM

IMO, it looks cluttered and it will be very impractical when coming and going - even more so if you are carrying in groceries or your sleeping kid or whatnot.

A Curtain at the Front Door
3/11/11 01:44 PM


What Color Should I Paint This Wooden Trunk?
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3/11/11 01:40 PM

I find a twin bed way too deep to sit on comfortable when using it as a sofa. Futons are getting inexpensive - if you must need the sleeping space, it's a better route.

A Twin Bed as Sofa
House Beautiful

3/11/11 01:40 PM

TV against bedroom wall. Use sofa to divide the room. Small table to the left. I'd recommend a small coffee table to lighten the visual look. Also a rug to define the living area will do wonders.

How To Set Up Living Area In Oddly Shaped Room?
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3/11/11 01:38 PM

jwl0001 - Pretty much the same here - it would be nice and I know we'd both sleep better, but he doesn't like the idea and unless we slept in separate rooms, neither bedroom is big enough for two beds. If I had my way and more money, I'd want to rent a different apartment with a bigger master so we could do twins in the same room.

Sleeping Style: Twin Beds
3/7/11 09:45 AM

9ft x 9ft -- How large is your dining table. I have a table for four that would easily fit into this space and have plenty of room to walk around.

What To Do With Space Between Living Room & Kitchen?
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3/7/11 09:39 AM

I keep thinking about how many times I'd bash my head in picture one. Picture three is my favorite.

Blissfully Blue Bedrooms
3/7/11 09:38 AM


Should We Paint Our Vaulted Ceiling?
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3/7/11 09:36 AM

I don't think sleeping in separate beds is a downfall to a marriage - it might actually help. The problem is in most apartments bedrooms just aren't big enough without looking cluttered. I do admit one of the last times we were in separate bedrooms I slept peacefully.

Sleeping Style: Twin Beds
3/3/11 01:30 PM

Once every two weeks - anything more seems overkill unless I've been sick or something.

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/3/11 01:26 PM

-Keep the desk free of clutter
-Some kind of visual separator (room divider, curtain, bookshelf, etc)

Suggestions For Setting Up Home Office In Bedroom?
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3/3/11 01:25 PM

I agree with the posters above that there needs to be a shot of the whole room, not just the areas of the room. Although my comment about the TV and sofa being too close together, it did make me smile to see someone finally not caring to admit they have a television - it's not a sin no matter how many people on here believe it so.

Lisa's Modern & Industrial Loft
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3/2/11 02:03 PM

Make sure the locks on all windows are very stable. I'd want new locks on the doors or at least re-keyed. Good job with light timers but honestly I doubt it'll deter any thieves that know the neighborhood since they know your schedule and know you are not home.

I'd not go out and buy weapons - I second (or third) the advice to maybe take some self defense classes to make yourself feel better and it never hurts to know how to defend yourself.

What To Do After A Break In?
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3/2/11 01:59 PM

Sorry a wall decal is NOT a headboard - so there is 4 headboards for under $100.

5 Queen-Sized Headboards for Under $100

3/2/11 01:54 PM

Is it me or is that couch sitting WAY to close to the TV for comfortable viewing?

Lisa's Modern & Industrial Loft
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3/1/11 01:35 PM

I store mine under the sink but my MIL stores hers from a coat hook on the wall.

Suggestions For Hair Dryer Storage In Bathroom?
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3/1/11 01:34 PM

And even if I had the original film strip, I'd be paying out my a** for new photos to be made since I am more than sure the local film shop isn't going to be able to convert something from a camera used 50-60 years ago.

Ideas for Displaying Photos Without Using Frames
2/28/11 09:12 AM

Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about the Oscars?

Casual Entertaining: Last-Minute Oscar Party
2/28/11 09:07 AM

Note -- Anything you put up there, prepare to dusty and grimey it weekly unless that's the look you like. So it's better off bare.

Creative Ways To Fill Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?
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2/28/11 09:07 AM