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Wow, now that's a commitment!

Desiree's City Character Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 01:57 PM

Don't forget about MEC for Canadians. Their packs are great, generally less expensive than any other serious gear brand, and come with fantastic customer service. We just bought one of these for our toddler.

Best First Backpacks for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Little Kids Back to School 2013
8/15/13 10:50 AM



Totoro Inspiration for a Spring Mood
4/2/13 04:59 PM

Yes! Schweddy balls!

Holiday Fun with Balls
12/4/12 09:25 PM

ZAAHHHH! I want this. so . freaking. bad!

It would so much more fun to snuggle up on than my little stuffed Totorro... O_O

My Neighbor Totoro Cushion Bed
10/24/12 03:39 PM

Another Lyra! And people always tell us our daughter's name is so original. :)

Lovely room, very calming.

Lyra's Serene Secret Garden My Room
10/22/12 11:22 AM

No. Not at all. They tended towards very soft colours, and I prefer to go the other way entirely: bright and vibrant.

HOWEVER. I will note that their colour decisions are now frequently influenced by me.

How Did Your Parents' Color Choices Influence Your Own?
10/5/12 10:22 AM

Xtina, the trunk works fine, but we're on the look-out for something to replace it. It was my grandmother's, and it's starting to look a little more worn than I'd like. Also, my husband always complains that it's a little too high to put his feet up on comfortably (part of the extra wear, I suppose). It's a good size, and I like the storage, though!

Terri's "Funny Valentine" Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/12 07:58 PM

Hi Tracy! The paintings are my own - that's why they were just kicking around. :)

Terri's "Funny Valentine" Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/12 07:55 PM

I'd totally buy that.

Andrea Mihalik - Booth #26 Design Showcase 2012
9/25/12 08:20 PM

Ehhh.... Stroller, I guess. That said, it was on sale, and not that expensive, but it had all the features I wanted: small (ish) enough to fit in our not-large car, easy to use with a car seat, and not ugly to the max. I'd say we've splurged on 'transportation' in general, since I've also got an Ergo that we use on a regular basis, and a sling that I LOVE for short trips.

What Was Your New Baby Splurge? Reader Survey
8/28/12 06:37 PM

We bought one of the range hoods, and we were happy with it.

The thing about reviews for appliances... unless you're looking at Consumer Reports or something similar, they are going to be pretty mixed. Consumers seem more likely to review something that was either TERRIBLE or AMAZING. I seem to see far fewer 'average' ratings.

Do You Have an IKEA Kitchen Appliance? Share Your IKEA Appliance Reviews! Reader Intelligence Request
7/10/12 10:33 AM

Hrm. Agree with caseyinto.

Personally, I can set up our three person tent on my own in about five minutes. That's not so terrible.

The One-Minute Set Up Inflatable Cave Tent by Heimplanet: Diamond in the Roughin' It TreeHugger
7/5/12 11:55 AM

Lovely! My parent's grow this, and it's wonderful. They (we) live in Saskatchewan.

As I recall, it also smells great in the evening...

Queen Of The Prairie:
Nature's Cotton Candy

6/5/12 05:39 PM

I can't speak for living in the States, but where I live in Canada, I get a 25% price reduction on my house insurance for having an active security system (some people I know have a smaller reduction, but large enough to cover the cost of having the system monitored). I understand why it doesn't work for your mom, Gregory, but as long as a person isn't constantly setting it off, it makes financial sense to have a system installed.

Neighbors Burglarized: Hi-Tech, Low Cost Deterrents
3/30/12 04:01 PM

I'm experiencing some major shoe envy right now.

Krystal's San Francisco Studio House Tour
3/22/12 12:31 PM

I'm not a renter anymore, but other than not having to worry about repairs (unless I had a lousy landlord), there weren't really any perks.

-It's cheaper to own than rent where I live
-We were never able to rent a whole house, but owning a whole house means STORAGE in the form of a basement/shed/etc., and the lack of storage is really what killed me about renting
-We had to shovel anyway as renters in our last place, and now that we own, I really enjoy taking care of the yard
-Renovating a space to be exactly the way you want it FAR outstrips any inconvenience of having to deal with maintenance yourself, IMO

What Amazing Perks Do You Have as a Renter?
Reader Survey

3/13/12 11:24 AM

I'm another Canadian, and I'd refer to that as back bacon. Tasty, but I generally prefer streaky strips of fatty bacon, unless we're talking pizza.

Sweet Breakfast Meat: Canadian BaconIngredient Spotlight
3/5/12 10:24 PM

We have Ikea's Dacke stainless steel island (sadly, it's now discontinued), and we can't say enough good things about it. The more we use it, the better it looks, provided you don't mind scratches. At first, when the steel is perfect and new, each scratch kills a small part of you, but it doesn't take long for the surface to look well-used and loved.

All About: Stainless Steel Countertops
Countertop Spotlight

3/2/12 12:48 AM

I would have died for that room as a child.

.... Who am I kidding?? I'd die for that now!

Ceiling Mounted Bed Curtains
2/24/12 11:55 AM