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I'll miss those modern kitchens I grew up with in the 80s after everyone rips them out. le sigh*

Before & After: Kari's Modern Kitchen Makeover
11/15/13 03:10 PM

My husband is the minimalist. I'm the ex-and-slightly-still-recovering-packrat.
Don't get me wrong I don't have nasty things laying around the house and I am a neat freak, but I have way too many things!
When my husband came into my life with his laptop and small suitcase of things, he opened up a perspective of mobility and light refreshed living that I hadn't experienced before. We've been married a year and I've gotten rid of half my things. Still working on getting smaller, but aside from getting rid of things I don't need, my tastes for color have become more refined and our house is super modern. Of course apartment therapy helps. maybe sign him up for the apartment therapy newsletter ^_^.
OK so what I'm saying is it's hard for sentimental collectors like me to get rid of things but it's possible with a little friendly loving coaxing. He tells me kindly " dear you don't need another one of those. you have one just like it right? Think about it. Do you have something like it that you could use instead?" Thoughts like that have gradually worked their way into my consumer mind. Eventually I have said no to a lot more things. and set up a standard for myself: Buy something= get rid of something. As well as Create more than Consume.
Anyways. I can't say he's changed me but rather that he introduced a better thought process. And that is how it's done. <3 Love my life simpler now.

When a Minimalist Meets a Pack Rat...
10/31/13 05:18 PM

I like the before better aside from color. Just painting the overall space would have been refreshing. It was charming with the large window. if you live in a cold climate it probably saves you heating costs to have a smaller window....but how much it cost to renovate might not make a difference.

Before & After: Cape Kitchen Gets an Overhaul
10/25/13 09:22 PM

He's not living in there(?!) The cube rotates. I pulled it around in circles myself. It's not heavy at all and anything in there would have fallen over and clinked to make noise or something. Fun idea tho.

64 Square Feet: Writer Lived Inside Astor Place Cube in New York City
10/1/13 03:27 PM

Where's the blanket from? I lurve it

Monique Lavie's Minimal and Modern House Tour
9/23/13 05:36 PM

You should totally rent out this bathroom for movie sets. They would eat this up. So cool. In the meanwhile, just keep everything int he bathroom more neutral.

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/13/13 05:38 PM

reminds me of 50's appliances- tres chic

Dueling Greens: Clashing Colors As Project Motivation
9/9/13 06:50 PM

( oh and after that my friend asked me to help out cleaning other things too haha)

Should I Tell My Friend That Her Bathtub Is a Health Hazard? Good Questions
8/29/13 11:27 AM

I once stayed at a friend's place and discovered the same thing.
I ended up asking my friend if I could scrub it down with my favourite bleach product: Soft Scrub.
Recommending your favourite cleaning product to get rid of mold is probably the best way.

I actually did end up cleaning the bathroom for my friend because I was to stay there another week. But after recommending the cleaning product, it was a little simpler to get it through to my sensitive friend.

ok I admit it, I had a fit in front of my friend, but what are friends for?! You have to tell your friends an honest opinion or else they risk being ridiculed by someone else. If your friend has a booger on her nose, you would tell her right?

Should I Tell My Friend That Her Bathtub Is a Health Hazard? Good Questions
8/29/13 11:25 AM

(Logic behind changing the rug: There are a lot of thick heavy looking items in the room. And to balance that, there can be some light thin items.)

Good Question Revisited: A Before & After (Plus One More Question)
8/29/13 11:19 AM

I like the chairs. Nice work so far.

I agree about changing the wall color. Something a little more alive should do the trick.

A pale robins egg color could be sweet. I wouldn't have anything too contrasty if you are going for a pattern. The only item in the room I would change is the shag rug, although that is personal preference. Something a little more neutral and thin would look nice.

If you chose a super light robin's egg color for ALL the walls i think it would tie in the darker teal pillow and teal candle you have very nicely.

Good Question Revisited: A Before & After (Plus One More Question)
8/29/13 11:17 AM

PAINT THE FRAME!!! the things that doesn't match the room is the frame.
paint the frame and you won't think it's lame : )
Keep the room light.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 01:30 PM


The Best of Vertical Gardening: Inspiration, DIY, & Resources
4/18/13 06:32 PM


Wrinkled papers from humidity. And a lazy feeling. Nope.

The Strangest Trend in Home Office Design: Bathroom Workspaces
4/18/13 06:32 PM

favourited! We are moving into a place with white walls and this is an inspiration : )

Tiffany's Naturally Sunlit Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/28/13 01:50 PM