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Bravo! Interesting to note that, while the article makes plain that there are really no negative outcomes from messiness, and in fact some demonstrable pluses, the comments thread still reverts to the culturally sanctioned clean and tidy bias and all its false assumptions. Tidy trumps messiness over and over. No one other than the writer felt a need to bend a little bit to how his/her partner is. No one considered that her/his expressed need for tidiness (sounding slightly compulsive) may impinge on the partner's productivity, comfort and creativity. Or time for fun together. It seems that there are so many ways to compromise-- messy zones/tidy zones, separate living quarters, tidy it up yourself-- but all require some accommodation for the messy partner as well. Appreciate the whole person; acknowledge your own limitations. After all, you chose him or her.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/6/13 02:12 PM

I think people are worked up because this article took a turn from being helpful to being moralistic. Something I don't see much on this site, and am willing to chalk up to a mistake. It is totally great if a clean and tidy home makes you happy. Other people like their creative chaos. Some people like creature comforts. Any of these ways of living can be either consumeristic or thrifty. None of these options is inherently more healthy or a verifiable marker of success. We need all kinds of people living all kinds of ways. I appreciate that these de-cluttering posts are intended to counter-act our age's obsessive consumerism (which is clearly problematic). I hate that 'clean' and orderly has become a value. What is 'healthy' anyway? What is 'successful?' Shouldn't these things be more personally defined and less prescribed by culture? Many studies these days show we have 'sanitized' ourselves to the point of creating a public health threat. It is a particular kind of American perversion-- a variant of puritanism. It lacks compassion, and is not an effective way to help anyone, however good one's intention.

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/3/13 04:35 PM