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Let me preface this comment by saying I have only briefly perused these comments so I apologize if I'm repeating someone else thoughts or sentiment.

Here goes...I just discovered a chair I like on overstock.com which also happens to be the ONLY chair I have found that fits what I am looking for after spending HOURS and weeks (if not months) hunting for the perfect dining chair. After taking a look at the reviews on overstock.com I discovered that it's apparently an Eames knock-off. I would have never known it was a knock-off (and in turn would have never discovered this debate) had I not read the reviews. So, I'm now supposed to feel bad about purchasing this item and instead pay 4 or 5 times the money (x 4 chairs mind you) which will take me YEARS to save for, all the while going chair-less?? I suppose another alternative would be to purchase a chair I don't care for and pretend I didn't see the one I really want. Give.me.a.break. And before people start chiming in about quality, I am VERY aware that I'd be paying $75 for $75 chair quality and that is my choice (for good reason too as my tastes tend to change every couple years).

Haters have to keep in mind that with all the design blogs popping up and sites such as Pinterest, people (such as myself) are innocently going for a particular "look", not necessarily an i-need-my-home-to-look-like-people-thought-i-spent-thousands-of-dollars-on-designer-furniture "look".

And as I'm typing this, a thought popped into my head...how are consumers supposed to KNOW if something is a knock-off, replica, etc? Is there some sort of furniture designer encyclopedia that every consumer in the market for new furniture is supposed to read? If so, I didn't get the memo. Oh, and if so, shouldn't the same apply to stores like Forever 21 and H & M??

Okay, done venting. I'm off to purchase my $75 knock-off chairs.

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3/28/13 03:29 AM