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Buy a paper shredder. Amazon has good ones.

What are your Babysteps for Organizing Paperwork?
8/7/13 09:59 AM

My cat ate the foil

Hot Tip: Save Your Furniture & Deter Cats with Foil
7/29/13 07:10 PM

The litter box

Out Of Ice? Let's Just Move
7/1/13 10:52 AM

Fresh lemon juice & h20 in a spray bottle to freshen the air.

Good Question: Green Alternative to Febreze?
6/17/13 07:00 PM

I binge clean before every trip mainly because my mother in law housesits for our cats.

Binge Cleaning Before a Trip
5/26/13 09:17 PM

My apt was built in 1964 & nothing had been Changed or renovated since then.
It was literally like stepping back in time.

Dealing With the Unexpected in Furnished Rentals Well-Designed Travel
5/24/13 10:17 AM

With no car it's extremely important

How Walkable Is Your Neighborhood?
5/21/13 11:12 AM


What Do You Hope Moves Into Your Neighborhood?
5/21/13 11:02 AM

Snooze master

What's Your Morning Alarm Style?
5/21/13 10:50 AM

I open all of the windows in my apt but I always leave the screen closed for multiple reasons:
My 2 cats
Pollen & dust

At On: Leaving Your Windows Wide Open
5/21/13 10:38 AM

The mail basket

Where's Your Biggest Clutter Spot?
5/21/13 10:20 AM

I shut off my tv but I leave my shades open so I can wake up to sunlight

A Naturally Lit Bedroom... or Total Darkness?
5/20/13 10:33 PM

Wear comfortable clothing
Don't drink alcohol the night before
Eat light before you get on the road to avoid car sickness
Keep grinder ale & ginger snaps on hand in case you do get sick
Make sure your phones are fully charged
Drink a lot of coffee so you can keep each other awake

3 Simple Must-Haves for a Smoother Summer Road Trip Well-Designed Travel
5/19/13 02:48 PM

Make my bed as soon as I get up, put my laundry away as soon as I get it home, fix the throw pillows & blanket on the couch, put things away as soon as I'm finished with them.

Making a Fresh Start in Familiar Surroundings
5/18/13 10:16 PM

My cats

So Good To See You Again: The Things You Miss Most
5/18/13 12:18 AM

We used to keep our decorative wood hamper in our bedroom but our cat used it as a scratching post so now we keep our new boring plastic hamper in the bathroom.

Where Does Your Laundry Basket Live? Reader Survey
5/15/13 09:37 PM

I HATE cleaning my tub & shower :-(

5 Places We Forget To Clean That Come Back To Haunt Us
5/9/13 08:32 PM

Take a nap
Drink some herbal tea

11 Tips for Slowing Down
5/9/13 08:13 PM

We have been working on our apt for 3 1/2 years

Embracing Patience: Slow Decorating
5/9/13 08:05 PM

I wet my sponge, wring it out & put it in the microwave for a minute before I start the dishes.

Simple Green: Microwave Your Sponge?
5/9/13 07:45 PM