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I made a Draft Dodger like this as well, it really works for doors and windows.

However, instead of rice (which can go funky with the inevitable moisture) I used sand. It's available at Home Depot (and like places), just ask for craft sand or sandbox sand.

Eliminate Drafts with a Homemade Draft Python Door Sixteen | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/10/10 12:45 AM

This is my worst habit and I'm so bad at disciplining myself to keep my clothes off the floor, trunk, chair, dresser, etc... So this article is now bookmarked on my Bookmark Toolbar, right in the middle, so I see if every evening when I check my email before bed... hopefully this New Year's resolution will stick!

How To Put Your Clothes Away Each Day | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/3/10 12:17 AM

Oh my goodness, I loved those! I had forgotten about it until this post, that's so great! I wish I knew what happened to mine!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fashion Plates
4/17/09 12:41 AM

And we had one of these hanging in the hall way full of miniature cutsie things like tiny tea sets for dollhouses. My mom would pay me $2 to take everything off and dust it all.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: A Desk Drawer As Wall Storage
12/11/08 11:00 PM

I know you all set it already but it's a type case! ( I know I learned something by majoring in Printing)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: A Desk Drawer As Wall Storage
12/11/08 10:58 PM

Hmmm well I just moved into my first place of my own, without roommates. I have a papasan chair that I've had for 6 years (got it for my 19th birthday) and it is currently the only sit-on-able furniture in my living room (waiting for that perfect craigslist couch). I agree, it is kind of ugly (in a cute way, like a pug), and all the places where it is tied together are now untied, or have been retied 12 or 15 times... and you can feel the bamboo under your butt when you sit on it... and you have to sit crosslegged if you want to sit upright, which makes your feet fall asleep... however, it lasted me through college and traveled from apartment to apartment, and I can carry it without help from anyone, and really, it is very comfortable for the first 5 minutes I think that even when I get rid of this thing and finally graduate to real furniture, I will miss it when it's gone. And I will always be tempted to get another one when I go to Cost Plus or Pier 1.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? The Papasan Chair Reconsidered
12/10/08 11:38 PM