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I killed my cable almost 3 years ago, and haven't missed it yet. Between Netflix, Hulu+, the free videos that come with Amazon Prime, and the free movies from Crackle, I have a hard time keeping up with all the things I want to see for only abou $16 a month. even then i could ditch the two pay-services I use (netflix and Hulu) and make it totally free, but I really enjoy hulu+

I catch sports and watch the news on my TV via digital rabbit ears. Mind you, they don;t get everything, but it never really bothers me after I consider the $800+ annually I used to pay for cable.

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5/7/13 02:15 PM


quit being so bitter. more people will like you.

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4/10/13 04:57 PM

It should be noted that IKEA also has one that's similar (but better) than the OXO for about $30.00

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3/28/13 02:23 PM

The funniest thing about walk-in closests: They actually give you LESS storage per square foot used than regular on the wall closets or armoires.

Walk-ins confuse me altogether. I can understand that a woman might acquire a lot of clothing, getting dressed is a far more compelx process for females than it is for males, but I couldn't imagine a man needing a walk-in closet.

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3/28/13 02:19 PM

When i lived in Boston, a roomate and I ended up splitting a LARGE studio. It was about 30x30, and it was just a giant open space with a restroom off to one corner, and the kitchen off to the other.

We bought 4 or five large Expedits, put them all on heavy duty casters, and they became our walls. WHen we have friends over/threw a party, we'd just move the wallsk out of the way, and use them to keep our bedroom stuff out of sight. Since then , i've really come to miss living in a house with totally modular walls.

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3/26/13 04:48 PM

@bird&seed and various others on the draweback of pallet upcycling:

YES, some are pressure treated (which means chemicals), and others (most) are not. With the ones that are treated, there is the risk of exposure to some of the chemicals. With the ones that are NOT treated, there is a higher risk of vermin, like termites (as with ANY scrap wood)

In either case, the pallets are almost always CLEARLY marked, and in either case, common sense should say that properly sanitizing and sealing the wood is standard protocol.

Why is it popping up so often?

-It's cheap
-It's green
-It gives people a way to build some experience in woodworking without having to lose hundreds at the hardware store.

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3/26/13 03:51 PM