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Method has some great wipes and sprays that smell great and are biodegradable (I use the wipes on my Swiffer wand)

I know someone will trot out the Swiffer/killing pets thing (disproven at Snopes )

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Aroma-Apartment Therapy
4/29/09 03:24 PM

The hold up is that they want to build this in a marine sanctuary near the Farallons...
(Its akin to putting solar panels all over Yosemite because that meets the criteria for the solar panels.)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Offshore Energy in Northern CaliforniaThe San Francisco Chronicle
4/16/09 05:43 PM

This would be cool in a tiny home as the "loft" level! :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Try This At Home? Giant Net for Hanging Out
3/15/09 04:37 PM

I think the Erin shower curtain recently linked (here it is again ) would be nice in here... and bright, clean white for everything else. Keeping it out of landfill would be a big win for everyone (so saying that, I don't have to shower in here ;) you can make your own choices!)

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Would You Do With This Bathroom?
3/2/09 10:50 PM

AustinSarah2, his stove looks like a Coleman camping stove... with propane bottles underneath if I am not mistaken ;)

Apartment Therapy DC | House Call: Chris' Green Kitchen Philadelphia
3/2/09 10:22 PM

Also, there are housing restrictions on just how small you can go. There are restrictions against drying your laundry on a line. There are the aforementioned building restrictions.
The government needs to push the local codes to allow for smaller housing before this can occur.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Memo To US Government: How to Fix the Housing Industry
2/26/09 07:47 PM

Flushing cat waste introduces toxoplasmosis (which is not killed by our water cleaning processes ) and then passes this on to our waterways. This parasite is responsible for sea otter deaths and probably other problems that we haven't found yet. Please use Feline Pine or some other green product.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cat Genie: The Only Civilized Alternative?
2/26/09 01:46 PM

I vary the sheet... I have one that matches my frame (gunmetal grey) or just buy two fitted sheets of the same color when I get new sheets to give a consistent band of color under the duvet. I don't like dust ruffles much, my cat and I are the leading producers of dust bunnies in the free world and they tend to be pesky to keep clean ;)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cover Your Box Spring...Without Using a Bed Skirt
1/27/09 02:21 PM

I remember seeing this (or something *almost* this) on Danny Seo's blog for a shoot he did at his house. Here is the linky:

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Similar Bottles Decanters?
12/10/08 04:29 PM