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HA! This reminds me of that godawful craft Lauren Conrad just got skewered for posting on YouTube. Cutting up books in order to glue the spines to boxes!

Where Can I Find Fake, Decorative Canned Goods? Good Questions
9/8/12 11:53 AM

He's in his 50s?! Lookin' foxy, Mr. Oldham!

10 Questions: Todd Oldham Summer Style Survey
8/26/12 08:38 AM

@mollyheyer – huh? I can access any ikea site without the problem you speak of. Just go to, and a list of country sites will pop up. I just went to Benelux, Deutschland, España, etc, and all prices/availability worked fine.

The Cheapest (& Most Expensive) Places Around the World to Buy IKEA Furniture Idealo UK
8/14/12 04:32 AM

Price really depends on the item. Some items are way cheaper in the US or my surrounding countries than where I live, while other items will be significantly cheaper in my country.

The Cheapest (& Most Expensive) Places Around the World to Buy Ikea Furniture Idealo UK
8/13/12 01:18 PM

@Stephen_Apple : I'm going to go out on a limb and assert that you intentionally 'misframed' the Keep Calm print to mess with all of us Type-A people, no? Mean joke. :P

Craigslist Piano Sees New Life as
High Tech Desk Mrs. Amber Apple

8/1/12 05:55 PM

Art is always a good investment if you're guided by a consultant. I humbly collected in the early 80s, and now some pieces (which didn't cost much at the time) are worth a small fortune. As long as you work with someone you trust, you'll be fine. And remember, we're currently in a buyers' market, so BUY BUY BUY!

Get Smart: Real Life Advice for
Collecting & Investing in Art on a Budget

6/14/12 04:10 AM

*meaning: freeze cheese, then shred using disk attachment! This works especially well with cheddar, etc.

Can I Grate Cheese in a Food Processor? Product & Shopping Questions
6/14/12 04:04 AM

Freeze it first, then shred (compliments of Cooks Illustrated). No mess, and shreds perfectly.

Incidentally, the same works for ginger---peel and freeze a knob, then grate with a microplane. Ginger falls right into dish, instead of accumulating on the microplane.

Can I Grate Cheese in a Food Processor? Product & Shopping Questions
6/14/12 04:00 AM

@akay : my thoughts exactly!

5 Things You Should Be Grilling But Probably Aren't
6/14/12 03:57 AM

I still have some original hand-marbled wallpaper in my 18th century home. It's not perfect (nor is it stinky or bubbling), and it's scraped away in many places, but I would never cover it up! At this point, it's part of the history of my landmark home. So, I say keep the green wallpaper!

Big Cottage Reno:
Stripping Down and Painting

6/14/12 03:56 AM

I will buy it from you for $180k. That's a 400% return on the initial investment---you'd be crazy to not accept my offer! :P

Big Cottage Reno:
Stripping Down and Painting

6/12/12 03:06 PM

Come on, ATers....for most of us plebs, these shots would be something to be proud of---a chance to showcase our beautiful families in a lovely way. Who cares if the concepts are "overdone" and unoriginal! Chances are you've hopped on a bandwagon or two in your day, so lighten up!

6 Fun Ways to Pose for a Family Portrait
6/11/12 06:22 PM

@mntngr : I just made a joke about my colander and it was also deleted!

5 Pretty Berry Bowls
6/11/12 05:43 PM

@jackied302 : they are sweet, but the increasing censorship on AT really doesn't bother you?

5 Pretty Berry Bowls
6/11/12 04:12 AM

Earlier today, there were quite a few comments pointing out the silliness of berry bowls. Suddenly, they've all disappeared....

5 Pretty Berry Bowls
6/9/12 06:42 PM

@veslabeachgirl : you can get an attachment for your mower that collects the clippings. Better yet--and even lower maintenance--here in Europe, many people have robotic mowers (think Roomba) that also suck up the clippings. Problem solved!

Jane and Justin's Backyard Before & After My Great Outdoors
6/9/12 01:24 PM

Yes! I have a berry bowl. I call it a "colander."

5 Pretty Berry Bowls
6/9/12 01:16 PM

Ive been doing this for years, and have never once experienced a vinegary aftertaste.

Smart Tip: Keep Berries Fresh Longer With This Washing Method
6/7/12 05:22 PM

@NDPrairieGirl: Couldn't agree more! You'll be happy to know that here in Europe, our prescription drugs are distributed in a much safer way. We receive them pre-packaged (with each individual pill sealed on a foil sheet) from the pharma company, instead of loose in a bottle ala in America. No room for tampering, or even pharmacist error (sorry @kewiser! :P)

Unfortunately, this means I don't have an opportunity for a cute little drug vial vignette on my nightstand, but I think I'll survive having at least one unstylish aspect to my life!

Bedside Table Vitamin Command Center
5/22/12 04:46 PM

It's nice, but my Type-A perfectionism is preventing me from truly enjoying it---the gaps in between the cabinets and panelling are so distracting. As @Abel De La Torre said above, €2 worth of caulk would easily fix that.

Before & After: A White Washed Kitchen Keeping It Cozy
5/15/12 04:34 AM