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Maybe something like grilled chicken wraps. They are basically chicken burritos.
I like mine with shredded carrots, cucumbers, spinach and a homemade honey mustard sauce. But the beauty is that you can throw on basically any veggie you've got in the fridge. Hummus or guac are a nice addition to help the wrap from being to dry.
Some alternatives.

Healthier Recipe Ideas That Appeal to Picky Eaters? Good Questions
8/12/13 09:14 AM

Very cute! This is 100% the type of kitchen I would have if we owned instead of rented. I love the small changes (new fixtures) instead of big expensive changes (new cabinets).

Jean's Small But Never Cramped Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/29/13 03:37 PM

Reminds me of this little 'tutorial' it's super cute and would look great in your adorable kitchen.

Jill's Bright and Cozy Little Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/23/13 01:06 PM

I was going to suggest sweet relish before I even saw everyone else's comments!
My family is from Kentucky. We don't put fruit or nuts in our 'family' tuna salad but my grandma's recipe for tuna salad is basically
1 can Tuna
1 TBS Mayo
1/2 TBS Sweet Relish
2 TSP Yellow Mustard

I like it a little sweet and usually add some extra relish, and it is definitely good with some spicy pecans in it.
My aunt will add some juice from the relish jar or just straight white sugar to add some sweetness to things like chicken salad or deviled eggs.

How Do I Make This Slightly Sweet, Southern-Style Tunafish Salad? Good Questions
7/18/13 04:50 PM

Salmon filets with a Mango Chutney. It looks really pretty, tastes delicious, and you can make the mango chutney beforehand. So all you'd need to do pull a salad together while the fish bakes. Definitely keep notes during your practice! I've made the mistake before of not writing down what I changed in a recipe that made it turn out perfect, tried it again on date night, total failure :P (He still loved it and ate it all though)

Easy & Delicious Recipes to Impress a Date? Good Questions
7/18/13 11:24 AM

On the same vein as 'Sundae bar' my friends and I had an 'Ice Cream Float Bar' for a birthday party. It was little less preparation/clean up than a sundae bar. We snagged root beer, coke, and several fruit flavored sodas, along with vanilla and chocolate, plus some fruit flavored sorbets. Orange Soda + Peach Sorbet was one of my favorites.
Or something like dessert sushi? Which sounds so wrong but tastes so right.

Ideas for a Fun, Hands-On Dessert for a Crowd of Teenagers? Good Questions
7/16/13 04:07 PM

I really love to use Velveeta, although that might not qualify as 'real food'. But I know that sticky feeling being asked about.
Cook the macaroni, drain, put empty pot back on the (off but still warm) burner, add in the Velveeta (or some shredded cheddar cheese) add about 1/4 cup milk and a half tablespoon of butter, pour drained macaroni back into the pot and stir until it's all melted.
It ends up nice and cheesy but still kind of dry and sticky, a lot like the boxed stuff. I think the trick is to go easy on the milk/butter.
I like to add a little pepper and some garlic to mine so that I feel like a grown-up.

Help Me Replicate the Texture of Boxed Mac and Cheese! Good Questions
5/14/13 10:13 AM

I used to arrange my books with way when I was little, because I thought it looked cool, and I had a lot of free time on my hands.
I'm totally cool with this system, but I'm a very visual person and tend to remember books more by their cover than their author or title. (I really like my yellow cookbook with the red spine that I cannot remember the title of.)
But no one could ever say my apartment looks to 'edited' or 'designerish'. ;)

Would You Ever Organize Your Cookbooks by Color?
5/10/13 04:17 PM

As a person who very rarely makes muffins or muffins, but keeps a pretty decent supply of mason jars around I'm going to keep this one in mind. We are hosting a big BBQ birthday party in a couple weeks, planning on making WAY more cupcakes than I have tins for!

Making Cupcakes or Muffins with Mason Jar Rings: Does It Really Work?
4/26/13 01:58 PM

This is something I could easily see being clutter in 50% of kitchens but I really like mine. Especially with soups and sauces. I'm also not a very experienced chopper, but I love garlic.

Garlic Press: Should You Buy One?
1/20/11 04:57 PM

I think it depends on the size of the kitchen though. If you only have 2 possible work spaces (that's if I count the kitchen table) then you don't need a lot of outlets, and you have to learn to put your toaster away when you aren't using it. In a larger kitchen it'd be nice to have a few more.
I'd guesstimate 1 outlet for 3 feet of counter space? And one near the kitchen table. For plugging the laptop in when you need to look up a recipe or watch 30 Rock while you make dinner.

Dream Kitchen: How Many Electrical Outlets Does It Have?
1/14/11 02:49 PM

Picky children are one thing, but I have no patience for adults with this mentality. If he is a grown man I would tell him 'eat this or go buy and make your own dinner'.
On a slightly less mean note, I have a friend who agrees to 'try ONE new thing' each time we go out. She is quickly branching out her food palette, but this is something you'd have to get him to agree too.

Best Strategies to Help Picky Eaters Try New Foods?
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1/14/11 11:22 AM

Yeah I am a stove top popper too.
I don't use much oil, less than a tablespoon, for a cup of popcorn (which is nearly a gallon when popped). You do have to preheat the pan but once that is done it doesn't take much time at all to pop. And you can salt & butter to taste (with REAL butter YUM).

Look! Microwave Popcorn Without the Bag!
1/14/11 10:59 AM

I don't have a dishwasher either, I think it's way easier to just wash the dishes everyday. That way there are only a few and they never get gross. This plan backfires when I forget or procrastinate. Then the dishes always get super gross before I finally wash them.

Healthy Kitchen Habits: Cleaning Tip Roundup
1/13/11 01:10 PM

We used to get it for the longer shelf life too. In college my roomie and I just wouldn't go through a half gallon of milk before it went bad. She didn't like the soy milk so we bought Almond milk. Worked great for the occasional bowl of cereal or random Oreo binge.

Almond Milk: What Does it Really Taste Like?
1/11/11 03:25 PM

Any clues about what 'pressed' tofu is? I found a Pad Thai recipe that called for it, when I couldn't find any at the store I found some instructions online that said you could just 'press' firm tofu between two cookie sheets with some weight on top (like a couple bags of dried beans). It held together fairly well in the wok. Is that all that pressed tofu is?

Ingredient Spotlight: Tofu
1/10/11 09:22 AM

A REALLY good cheesy potato soup. I can never seem to get mine quite right.

What Soup Would You Like to Learn to Make This Week?
1/3/11 03:04 PM

I'm a fan of Spirulina in my smoothies. I'm not entirely sure that counts but I'm not a big fan of the taste of spinach. Also there's a restaurant down the street from me that makes a killer 'fruit salad' it's got lettuce in it as well as loads of fresh fruit apples, dried cranberries, blueberries, grapes, and almonds. They serve it with Brie and pita bread. It's delicious.

What Are Some Ways to Eat More Greens with Breakfast?
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12/27/10 03:53 PM

I love all the nooks and crannies! So charming.

Joi's Cleverly Renovated Virginia Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Own Division | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/20/10 12:03 PM

We keep all the lids in one drawer, and all the containers in another.

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5/18/10 04:34 PM