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Not a huge fan of the amount of natural light, but then again I'm not one to talk with my current apartment having floor to ceiling windows/doors on one end and little other natural light sources (window in each bedroom too).

Ashley's Soft Industrial Artist Loft House Tour
7/2/14 01:05 AM

I had the feeling it is very staged.

Loved seeing the light/cord cabling on the walls in those little pipe things running along the walls, cool to see they didn't have to completely blend into the walls.

Ashley's Soft Industrial Artist Loft House Tour
7/2/14 01:04 AM

For safe disposal of medications, return them to your chemist/pharmacy they have a system of disposal in place for a lot of medications, so they can do it for you.
For things like asthma inhalers which are empty I just throw them in the general household rubbish, as they're not as bad as medications if someone was to find them. I don't tend to throw them out unless they're empty too.

It's Probably Time for a Replacement: 8 Easy-To-Forget-About Household Items
7/2/14 12:57 AM

Thankful I wasn't the only one to recoil in horror at the stubbed toes in the night from the bed base ones!

It's bad enough I am stuck with little storage so I have a few banana boxes under my bed and hitting them with my poor toes in the night is bad enough!

10 Ways to Make Cinderblock Furniture (That Doesn't Look Totally Terrible)
7/1/14 10:45 PM

"Emergency dispatch can be done if you dial 911 and can't talk. With a cell they are not sure where you are exactly."

Actually that doesn't work, you have to confirm your location, as people can and do call from third party addresses away from the area of emergency itself.
./ I have called about a neighbours house I could see something happening in, said house was 2 houses over from my house.
No good sending help to "my location" when I'm 2 houses away from the action!

Real Life on a Budget: Shifrah's Money-Saving Tips
6/1/14 10:59 PM

I had the exact same thought!

Kerra's Picture-Perfect Perch House Tour
6/1/14 10:41 PM

1. Parenthood is a Choice.

2. Monday mornings are hard enough, sans kids or with them. Just because there's no kids in my house doesn't mean my morning is any less (or more hard) than anyone else's.

Today I have managed to make a 10am meeting, sign documents for a new job, get uniform fitted, find shoes online (I need to buy them for work), I am also organising my partner's work trip - so I'm running around making sure he's seen the doctor for shots and getting his Visa and all that stuff sorted.
On the other hand I forgot breakfast this morning, but hey 2pm isn't too late for breakfast/lunch right?! Haha.

Another point to add: Count your blessings; every day I think of 5 things I'm grateful for:
1. Health. (Asthma is controlled and I feel good).
2. Chores - reminds me that we live in a messy world.
3. Organisational skills - this trip stuff might be doing my head in, but it's practise for when we go on holiday.
4. Budgeting - just got my credit check done and I'm good. Now to pay off my student loan debts... that comes with
5. Being employed in a new job. Doing a new career path. Here's hoping it's as fun as this morning was with all that glorious paperwork!

How to Have a Successful Week: Do These 6 Things Around the House Monday Morning
5/25/14 11:43 PM

ID is a must.

Along with any medications you need - you would be surprised how many asthmatics leave home without their inhalers because it's "only a shirt walk", to find they're gone over an hour and end up wheezy and 'dying'.
(Been there).

If you're using your phone as your camera/ GPS system to track where you are, ensure you have enough battery life (and credit) on it, in case you need to look up information online, or make calls etc.

Also leave a plan with someone / I make a status on my facebook saying I'm walking to X location.That way if I'm not home when my flatmate/boyfriend ends work they can check I'm okay. Good reason to carry a phone too. :D

Also agree on the sunglasses/ prescription glasses. (Even prescription, clear, glasses offer UV protection, so they're better than nothing).

Exploration Essentials: What You Should Always Have When Adventuring & Exploring Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
5/25/14 11:36 PM

Go easy on the dimmed light bulbs in bedside lamps- if you're reading in bed, you need good light to see to be able to read. Do not do the torchlight light that I did as a child - I now need reading glasses and it sucks!

Can’t Sleep? 5 Reasons Why Your Bedroom is Keeping You Awake
5/13/14 01:35 AM

Cords being run under rugs are also a trip hazard.
Avoid if you can!

I would put the desk on the wall next to the cabinets, so it's like an L shape.
Move the ugly bamboo shelf into the wardrobe. Add a couch where the desk is now.

Layout Ideas For \"Little Room of Horrors\" Good Questions
5/10/14 09:30 AM

I looked on your site - and I have to say, putting glasses on AFTER the mask is more helpful, they should be able to just sit on the outside of the mask's nose piece parts. If that makes sense?
You had them on with glasses first then mask on? Reverse it to put your glasses on second, works like a charm, also ensures the nose area is fully sealed.
With glasses how they were sitting in your photo- means that dust etc can go in around the area your glasses were holding the mask off your face...

Putting the glasses on second also means the seal is better around the nose, meaning no chance of foggy glasses!

(I wear glasses too).

Before & After: A Rusty Old Bed Gets Beautifully Restored
5/10/14 09:12 AM

It is from here:

According to this article anyway:

Lose Your Doors! 5 Stylish Space-Saving Door Alternatives Small Space Ideas
5/4/14 02:44 AM

I love the boys room, very clever with bunk murphy beds!

White walls can work with so many colour schemes and I love that this is filled with colour without everything clashing.
Love the prints and art, I need to hang more here.

Judy Ross' Tips for Living Large
in a Small Space

4/27/14 06:15 PM

I guess it depends where you're from.

I'm from New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere so Summery scents are Pine and Cinnamon for me. (We have summer time Christmas!?)

Citrus smells are more summery?

This Sofa Emits Summery Smells Design News
4/26/14 01:03 AM

Is the entry way into the apartment from the top story or the bottom level?

A pity there isn't anything under the lofted area, perfect storage space etc.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Amy & J.T.'s Favorite Things
4/25/14 11:51 PM

We live in a two bedroom apartment, right now we have a roommate/ flatmate who lives with us. If he wasn't here, I think I'd turn the room into a spare room/ office. My partner's desk is currently in the main room (living room, dining and kitchen, entry, it really is the main space all in one.)

So I'd move his desk into there. As well as the large whiteboard and get another desk for me to set up.

Plus I'd move the "DIY shelving unit made from an old dresser" into there too since it's where we store the vacuum.
The last thing I'd put in there is all our bookshelves and books. :)

Then in the main room I'd move things around (I know, again) and add a dining table area, since we don't have one currently.

What Would You Do With an Extra Room?
4/18/14 11:36 PM

And then use the "living room" as your bedroom and vice versa.

Ideas for Maximizing Light in Northern Exposure Room? Good Questions
4/18/14 11:27 PM

"There's no door on the living room" - buy a small curtain to cover the doorway?

Ideas for Maximizing Light in Northern Exposure Room? Good Questions
4/18/14 11:27 PM

Yup! Agreed. I don't know why they didn't sell Chestnut, he would have made them a pretty penny.

Then again they do keep mentioning they're avoiding their landlord, because they're not actually paying rent?!

Could TV Characters Really Afford Their Rents? Design News
4/18/14 11:17 PM

What happened to the door on the left?

Before & After: A Vintage Victorian Entry Update
4/18/14 11:12 PM