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If you are in the DC area/Mid-Atlantic, you can pick up Port City Optimal Wit in stores and in bars. It is a really lovely wheat beer. Port City is a small brewery in Alexandria, VA started by a wine guy who decided Alexandria needed its own brewery. It was a good decision!

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4/18/14 12:14 PM

LEMON MERINGUE! Yum. (OK, overly excited about that.)

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3/14/14 02:24 PM

My boyfriend likes to make dinner into a game. He tosses each piece of kibble into the air so our hound mix can catch it. Sometimes there is a twist, jump, or two-leg stand involved. They both seem to get a kick out of it...

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3/7/14 04:40 PM

My father just mailed me several pounds of ground deer meat. I highly recommend jerk! If you are able to pick up a jerk spice mix with cure, all it takes is a dehydrator. My friends line up to get rations of my father's deer jerky.

And I also ditto margiehubbard - chili is lovely.

You can mix the meat with other grounded meats to make a nice blend for burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs.

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2/21/14 05:06 PM

I has this bed frame. I put it together by myself one evening - so it can be done! It was nice and sturdy. It did not, however, survive when I had to move. I'd recommend getting it if you own your place or are going to be in your currently place for 2+years.

I also have the headboard - that I want to keep forever. It is really great.

As for Ikea mattresses, I think getting a topper is pretty key, then they can be great. My current mattress is a memory foam hypoallergenic model from Overstock that I've had for almost 3 years and love.

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1/28/14 02:39 PM

Check out artist/designer Christy Oates' work! She make wall mounted art pieces that look cool but fold out into furniture.

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1/9/14 04:03 PM

I've made Martha's tangerine cake with citrus glaze and sparkling cranberries several times now. Each time I unveil it, I get ooo's and ahhh's. It is so darn pretty. Here's mine: and here's Martha's on the cover of Everyday Food:

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3/25/13 03:35 PM