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The cart in the last picture can also be seen in the first picture; yet it's a completely different shade of blue. I'm confused.

Sara's Charming, Light-Filled Craftsman House Call
4/6/14 04:58 PM

I love many aspects of your home, but I would like to challenge you on your lighting choices. You mentioned it was one of your biggest challenges. You have a lot of torch lights that give just an awful, stark glow. Try getting creative. I saw a house tour once that had a giant birdcage with cafe-lights strung inside. Maybe use some battery-powered picture lights to illuminate your art. Just some ideas.

Jessie & Jon's Colorfully Collected Home House Tour
2/10/14 09:55 PM

AT showcasing #3 is like a clothing design blog showcasing knock-offs. Here's the original:

Bedside Lighting: 10 Great Modern Lamps
8/26/13 09:10 PM

I purchased my wine glasses from Dollar Tree. :)

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Wineglasses
8/23/13 09:34 PM

No Amityville?

Los Angeles Real Estate Quiz: Can You Identify These Movie Homes?
8/7/13 06:43 PM

One of my favorite aspects of AT is finding great design and solutions for small spaces. 2700 square feet?

Annie's Color-Splashed Home House Tour
7/8/13 10:21 PM

My town has a HUGE antique mall that has an entire section dedicated to these stamps. I might have to give this a try!

DIY Typography Wall Art Idea:
Vintage Letterpress Block

7/5/13 04:23 PM

My entire house is 550 square feet and my 5000 BTU air conditioner does just fine. I also have ceiling fans, as well as several table fans, in each room to help circulate the cool air.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?
6/26/13 08:44 PM

I went years without an air conditioner in my 550 square foot house until this year when I finally purchased this little guy:

It works GREAT, but possibly because I have ceiling fans in every room, as well as a few desk fans. A little cool air with some good circulation does wonders... and saves a TON of money in both my electric bill and the fact that the unit costs a cheap $120.

The Best Window Unit Air Conditioners The Sweethome
6/21/13 07:36 PM

That dyson fan is an ugly, over-priced piece of plastic. I just don't get it.

Best Modern Table & Desk Fans 2013 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
5/21/13 12:17 PM

I thought this looked familiar. Why are you recycling old posts?

Before & After: Empty to Lush Backyard Studio G
3/11/13 05:56 PM

So they took an old wood box and made a swing. Sorry if I'm not blown away with the creativity of this.

Before & After: Old Wooden Crate Gets a Fun New LifeDuck Egg Blue
2/8/13 11:31 PM

Best storage baskets I ever bought were from Kmart:

They are made of plastic so you can take a hose to them in the summer to clean out those annoying dust bunnies that seem to collect. Plus they come in various sizes and shapes.

20 Super Stylish Storage Bins
1/8/13 08:32 PM

Looks great! I just hope that in six months it doesn't end up looking like the 'before' pic just with blue walls.

Before & After: Closet Pantry Makeover A Cup of Mai
1/8/13 09:04 AM

...and I was feeling lucky when I the price of gas fell $.04 as I was pulling into the station. Maybe I should head to the thrift store!

Do You Recognize This Metal Floor Lamp? Good Questions
12/18/12 03:48 PM

@Miller8786 the cheap ones will, but if you invest in quality ones they last forever. My wreath I purchased from Pottery Barn on clearance after the holiday. It's gorgeous and cost $13 at the end of January.

10 Affordable Wreaths to Use Every Year
12/7/12 10:09 PM

This would be awesome in my little bungalow in Bay City, Michigan!

Win: Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Lab Holiday Giveaway
11/30/12 05:21 PM

Sarah Jessica-Parker anyone?

The Garage Workspace of
The Bungalow PRWorkspace Tour

11/30/12 05:18 PM

I'm fortunate enough to have the world's largest Christmas store just down the road from me. This year I picked up this guy:

Put a Star on It: Christmas Tree Toppers
11/29/12 09:59 PM

My favorite part of this tour has to be your bathroom vanity light, because I have the same one and it just reconfirms my awesomeness. :)

Kim & Scott's Fresh Reverie House Tour
11/29/12 09:54 PM