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You might want to have your address removed from the layout of your apartment.

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San Francisco

4/21/14 05:28 PM

It's amazing what $3,500 per month will get you.

Small Space Style: 10 Inspiring San Francisco Small Spaces
4/21/14 01:18 PM

I would recommend buying a used turntable. It's not like buying milk. Buying used allows you to buy a MUCH better turntable than you'd be able to if buying new. I would look to Rega and Music Hall. I bought my Michell Gyrodec used for $900, which is a steal considering that they list for $2,500

How To Clean Your Vinyl Record Collection Like a Pro
3/25/13 02:08 PM

Thanks, I found a nice butcher block table in San Francisco on the street. I have replaced the legs, which kind of clamp on, to make it taller (I'm 6' 3" tall and like higher work surfaces than most people). Now I am in the process of sanding it and will oil it afterwards. The table is in nice condition considering it was free.

One Minute Tip: Oil Your Butcher Block Apartment Therapy Videos
3/25/13 01:48 PM

These are great if you only have a few hundred. What do you do when you have 4,000?

John and Lauren's DIY Vinyl Record Shelf Reddit
3/25/13 01:16 PM