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Instead of painting the brick which would hell to remove if you changed your mind later. Why not build out a potion of it with wood and sheet rock. Then paint that.

1. You could do that with the separation wall and leave the brick just at the fireplace.

2. build out the top of the fire place leaving of the brick exposed up to the top of the partition wall leaving the partition brick as well. It would add a nice linear element of brick. This create a nice blank wall to hang your painting. Maybe carry that wood wall cap across as a mantel(?).

Instead of grey I would suggest a white and/or green. Then maybe sheet rock over SOME of the wood panel. It think you just need to find the right balance of warmth and light.

I think these options would preserve the brick and give you flexibility.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Should I Paint My Fireplace Gray? Good Questions
9/9/09 12:46 AM

Really like the house though. Well done!

Apartment Therapy New York | Long Island Modern Home by Berg Design Architects
8/18/09 12:58 AM

I think the Dining Chairs and accent chairs should be tossed. They're a terrible distraction. The rest of the furniture isn't bad though. The couch The dining and Coffee tables, They can stay... In my opinion.

Apartment Therapy New York | Long Island Modern Home by Berg Design Architects
8/18/09 12:58 AM

Hey Eric,

As much as I like the look of the reclaimed wood, I'd suggest maybe doing something more clean and finished to contrast those great brick walls. Maybe skin the underside with a finish grade plywood. You could also use OSB (chip board) or sheet metal. Leave the stringers exposed on the edge. Paint those black or charcoal using a rust stopper first. Patch and repair the underside of the treads and risers as needed because it won't be seen.

On the top side consider maybe concrete treads(?) or just match them to the wood landings. You could repaint the risers or leave them rusty looking. I suppose my question would be how damaged are these?

That's my input. Good luck.

Apartment Therapy New York | Advice for Finishing the Underside of a Metal Staircase? Good Questions
7/22/09 04:32 PM

AlexanderB is right about the vanity possibly being to high. I like the idea of a darker counter top too. It's starting to look a bit washed out. The white fixtures are a good choice. You could also do the wall behind the sink in a dark gray and through in splashes of color with accessories. This would give you flexibility to change things up without repainting.


Your bathroom looks spectacular! I love the way you carried the tile up the wall.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Next Step in Bathroom Renovation?
5/13/09 05:08 PM

I'm not particularly fond of the chair. But to those of you with your upity attitude about naked girls and "porn" videos. Get over it. It's a SEX chair. The advertising should have nudity and sex. That's what it's for. As far as AT posting it... go for it. There are quite a few readers who find this interesting. There is no shame in sex furniture or posting it. I'm sure sex would be a lot of fun on it. It's not about "needing" it for the right position. It's about fun. I think you all need to lighten up. To suggest that AT has lowered it's standards because it posted a sex chair is silly and immature.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Sex Chairs: The Tantric Sex Chair and The Esse Chair
5/4/09 04:55 PM

I think the intent of the image printed on the canvas was to be a little humorous while also giving the appearance of space. This idea does have so many other possibilities though.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Photo Print Curtain by Bauke Knottnerus
4/10/09 09:05 AM

As much as I like the theme they were going for, I don't think this was executed well. It seems to busy to me. Like they were trying to cram a bunch of ideas they had into one place. There's a bit to much of a throw back to the 80's for me as well. In and of itself that's not bad but, like I said, they missed the mark in it's execution. They should have exercised a bit more restraint. That goes double for the bathroom.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: architeCTS's Cohesive Whole Tiny Division #23
4/10/09 08:58 AM

I think they should come out with similar posters but they say things like "SHUT YOUR MOUTH" and "HAVE A SCOTCH"...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Prints from Orignaux Moose
4/10/09 08:46 AM

I think just ripping the carpet off and cleaning up the treads would look cool but If that doesn't work with your decor you could paint the treads with a high traffic paint or veneer them on the top and sides then paint the underside a dark color. You may run into trouble with this because the noses are round. But you could build it up to square them off or cut the noses square and replace it with a squared of wood nose to keep the same tread depth.

As far as the railing paint those black or charcoal.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for Floating Staircase?
4/3/09 05:57 PM

I truly love this house. I disagree with the loriSF about the ceilings... and the floors, but that's just personal taste. I think The painted ceilings can really brighten up a space and it's characteristic of this style home. Although I do like wood ceilings I think It works in this case.

My only question is where they bought their dining table? I have one similar but dark stained. I picked it up in Santa Barbara at Celadon Place. I saw a table while I was there that looked very much like it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Jora and Bryan's MidCentury Organic Remodel Los Angeles
3/27/09 10:49 PM

I didn't read all the comments so this may have been said but...

You have to be willing to accept the scratches and blemishes as part of the character of the table. My wife and I bought a bar height table with a SS top and I think it looks great with the blemishes. My only regret was the Bar Height. That got old. Especially with kids. It was difficult scooting in and out.

The stainless I loved though.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Stainless Steel for a Dining Table?
2/18/09 05:19 PM

I appreciate the green features but I'm not fond of the overall design.

As far as prices go, relative to other Modern/Contemporary furniture dealers such as DWR and the like they're not that bad. Although much of their stuff is just out of my reach.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | West Elm Going "Green" in Emeryville
2/10/09 03:42 PM

I can't take my eyes off the cookie jar for some reason...

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Fair: New Designs from Jonathan Adler
1/27/09 05:59 PM

I'm diggin that single basin sink. That with a wood finish on the cabinet would be perfect for my bathroom.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Sneak Peek: New 2009 IKEA Catalog Items
1/27/09 04:18 PM

Maybe they're having a time out...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! A Clock Facing Out the Window
1/16/09 07:57 PM

You know I totally thought she stared in Bones. I guess that's her sister, Emily. I don't watch the show often and I didn't realize she had a sister.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Zooey Deschanel's Blue Studio Domino
1/8/09 06:50 PM

I love that piano

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Zooey Deschanel's Blue Studio Domino
1/8/09 06:48 PM

I'm in escrow on a house built in 1948. It has lots of natural light original oak floors and big picture windows. I want to paint the wall where the fireplace is located dark grey, almost charcoal, then paint the wood mantel (now pink) glossy black. My wife isn't quite on board yet. But I hope she'll come around.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Design Dare?
12/17/08 08:11 PM

It's the Berlin Pendant by Roost and I agree, It a gorgeous light.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Mystery Glass Pendants at Sofra
12/9/08 06:36 PM