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Washing the bathroom floor. Without fail, dust and hair find their way to remain on ceramic tile no matter how much you clean.

What's Your Least Favorite Household Chore?
6/27/13 10:15 AM

Where are those sheets from!?

Before & After: Ikea's Malm Goes Classic Glam
6/20/13 04:57 PM

"I want to go to there."

Mantiques ModernStore Profile
5/7/13 11:31 AM

My mom did this through my childhood. I was able to choose fabric from the fabric store or a set of sheets (which also can make great window treatments when done correctly). I was always so happy that I didn't have a "department store" duvet.

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Duvet Cover Prudent Baby
3/15/13 03:27 PM

I was wondering something similar. Is this a residential or a commercial space?

Before & After: Greenline's Urban Garden The Gardenist
1/10/13 02:59 PM

I love the idea of keyless locks. Between dog walkers, cleaning lady and babysitter, this would be fantastic!

The Future is Now: Keyless Door Locks
12/18/12 10:55 AM

These are great! Also LOVE Hen & Chick - I bought a robot for my son.

5 Wacky (but Awesome) Plush Toys
12/3/12 03:22 PM

The last image reminds me of a dog house - a very cute pink one.

10 Ways to Customize the Kura Loft Bed
11/14/12 01:11 PM

We have a dozen or so of the Format Tray from CB2 at our office. While they're wonderfu for serving coffee and collecting random inspirations, they end up being filthy from everyone handling them. they require constant attention with the microfiber cloth to keep them looking good.

10 Terrific Trays
11/9/12 12:00 PM

Please tell me more about the gray sideboard with white drawers.....!!!

Lisa's Latest Lovely Home in Lakeview House Call
10/9/12 05:19 PM

This gives me hope! I have a large amount of old, colonial Ethan Allen furniture (in showroom condition) headed my way in the next few years. Glad to know that I'll be able to salvage it with some refinishing.

Before & After: Vintage Settee MakeoverKnot All that I Seam
10/4/12 06:14 PM

We have always had a light colored sofa and our son is now 3 1/2. I won't tell anyone how to parent their children, but we've found setting some boundaries about proper use of furniture has gone a long way - eat at the table, not on the sofa - no shoes on the furniture - juice in cups with leak-proof lids. While we haven't had any major incidents, a steam cleaner is always a good back-up. =)

Toddler-Friendly Sofa Choice? Good Questions
10/4/12 06:10 PM

MOMSD, you aren't the only one. No dogs on sofas, chairs, or beds. Nor are they permitted in the bathroom or kitchen. We consider these "clean" rooms and try our hardest to keep these dog hair free. No one wants dog hair near food or stuck to clean feet getting out of the shower. And if you do, that's okay too - but it isn't for everyone.

We love our two dogs (a basset and a rottweiler), they are part of our family - we've made sure they have super comfy beds and lots of love. And yes...we also have a Dyson Animal.

Pets On Furniture: Yay or Nay?
8/27/12 02:48 PM

This is so much better than a sand box!

Make a Simple Rice Table A Life Sustained
8/16/12 09:54 AM

WILDYSIMPLE - My partner is a land surveyor and my life is also filled with maps. The profession has definitely evolved over time, but maps still fascinate me. The first thing I thought of when I saw this post, was of the original hand drafted plat of Grosse Pointe Michigan that we have hanging in our bedroom. Maps are especially great for decor when they are personal and meaningful - and best of all - OLD!

Escape Style: Using Maps as Decor House Tour Roundup
7/10/12 05:18 PM

I am a fan of the stacked upper cabinets in the kitchen. This is a perfect solution for those of who have extra serving pieces for entertaining.

Fran's Beautiful Structure Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 02:16 PM

BGR5928, my sentiments exactly. My heart hurts looking at this.

DIY Record Player Coat Rack IKEA Hackers
4/12/12 01:29 PM

It is best for glass to be 3/8"Thick and tempered.

Trash to Treasure: Mrs. DeVore's High Impact $10 Desk
9/29/11 09:11 PM

Hire movers. End of story. My husband and I helped some friends move across country earlier this year. They decided that the contents of their suburban, single-family home would fit in a 26'L box truck with a 12'L trailer attached, so movers were unnecessary. Being a good friend, my husband volunteered us to help - saying it was a disaster is an understatement. After taking 8 days of paid time off between the two of us, and driving 1200 miles, we were exhausted, completely under appreciated and became part of many uncomfortable, dysfunctional family disagreements. It was a miserable experience and no one should be subjected to that type of situation. Out of love for all our friends and family, we'll be hiring movers when we ditch our 1bdrm condo next summer.

A Moving Story: Friends or Professionals?
9/7/11 05:25 PM

Apparently a lot has been happening since I last came over. You're place looks more and more amazing on each visit. As for the typographic piece next to the bed, what does the "a" stand for? As always, your impecible taste and personal style shine through.

Midwest Semi-Finalist #3: Nathan's Clean Slate
5/18/07 09:44 AM