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I like the cabinets and the warmth of these particular monotones but (I'm learning something about myself here) not the sharp edges of the tables. I guess I've spent to much time in corporate offices.

5 Ideas to Steal from a Gorgeous Stockholm Kitchen
4/24/14 05:17 PM

I don't think anyone is defending the before, especially the way it was made to look. But the after, sorry, just doesn't have any character. I guess that's the goal. As I mentioned previously, very NYC-law firm kitchen: clean, sharp edges, like a corporate pantry should look: empty after every visit (all visits must be brief in corporate kitchens).

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/13/14 10:24 PM

Sorry but I don't like it. It's functional but cold. It reminds me of the kitchens in NYC law firms. Sure, it's wonderful to have cabinets whose doors can close, a working stove, repaired floors and, personally, I would have done away with the blinds completely--too hard to clean--but the soul of the kitchen is gone. The hard edges and texture--or non-texture--of the floor are just two features that should have been avoided in this very typically tight NY space.

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 04:47 PM