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I've damaged the finish on a coffee table by using it as an ironing board, even with a couple of layers of terry cloth towel. No way would I do this.

It Works! Before & After of Using an Iron to Remove Water Rings from Furniture
11/25/13 04:33 PM

Shredded rubber doesn't sound very nice, but I assure you these are the best pillows I've ever tried. The natural latex is mite resistant and fully and easily washable and perfectly adjustable for different sleeping positions - kind of like down. Everyone in our family has one. I wouldn't have a memory foam pillow if you paid me. Breathing in those off-gassing chemicals all night can't be good for you, not to mention the smell and heat.

Are Expensive Pillows Worth It? Good Questions
8/20/13 09:55 PM

I registered just so I could vote for this room. Beautiful, especially given the constraints. I absolutely love how serene this space is. Well done.

Inez's In-Law Apartment Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/20/13 08:05 PM