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Thanks for this. Have been pondering new dinner sets but have been astounded by the articles and lack of information on lead content in glazes, both in dishes imported and US made. Apparently regulation of this is not so good and I wonder besides testing each contender for my home, does anyone else have a good source for lead content in our dishware.

Of course we have to take everyone online with a grain of salt, but I am concerned. I am mainly interested in new dinnerware and not the older ones that may have more lead content or less regulated. I have yet to see anything lead free. I do think if it is microwave safe, then that means lower level of metal, but how low?

Does anyone have any sources?

Maxwell's Dinnerware Picks: High & Low Best Dinnerware 2013
12/9/13 03:01 PM

Where is the lovely tall white lamp from?

love your sense of color, muted and textured.

Casey's Loft Life
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4/7/13 07:46 PM

Where are those amazing curtains from??

Ken's Breakfast in Bed Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/27/13 03:41 PM

Where is the amazing screen behind the bed from?

Elana's Sunlight Sanity Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/27/13 03:39 PM

Thanks for your comments.

A few answers- the swag lamps I found one on ebay and one at the local flea market. I believe a search of 'Blanc de Chine light' should yield some results for the round one.

Yes- nice eye, the Bed is Room and Board.

I do think that the wallpaper edge is annoying but we rent and so I didnt make a frame like I should! Next place. That wallpaper was a splurge so I wanted to keep it intact in the event we change spaces.

Any other questions? Thanks for the feedback!

Elizabeth's Elegant Nest Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/26/13 02:19 PM