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Do you sell a mattress you can flip? Our old one of course expired after 10 years...loved the beauty rest! However I would have bought 2 and stored the 2nd one 10 years if I knew to buy a mattress today was going to be a disaster. This is our 8th attempt inside of 3 years to find a mattress that doesn’t sink, sag, dimple with pot holes and leave us in a ditch w/back - shoulder pain. S & F was our 3rd mistake. Ripped off!

Outrageous!!!! our last nightmare was at the Bay in the winter sale of half price of the over inflated hype and sale of the Serta Black King Pillow top of a whopping $6,500.00 we are 5 months into a ditch with this bed, we find ourselves lined up at night at the very edge of the bed where the frame can't fail the support we need to make it through the night. We are not heavy people with no ailments....go figure, this rotate only is for idiots, I want my flip mattress with wooden frame and coiled inner spring mattress back, Were on the couch now. We are out of the room, now I know why Goldie Locks wasn’t home. Can you help?
Where can we find a mattress you can flip?
What's next, thearpy?

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3/18/13 04:47 PM