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beautiful room!

can i ask you where you got that dresser from?

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5/20/11 12:38 PM

cute idea.

corolle makes a non pink stroller:

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4/8/11 03:14 PM

this is one of the best nurseries shown on here in a long time. very inspiring!

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4/29/10 01:13 PM

ummmm...are you serious?

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4/22/10 04:48 PM

oh - i didn't realize that it was $40 a quart on the Tilano website. i got mine through a local benjamin moore store. they had tester jars for $6 available and they will special order in larger quantities for you of any colour.

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5/26/09 03:05 PM

i've recently used Tilano's in the dark brown. it was pricey - $25 cdn a quart but one quart (about 4 coats) did the job. i am still waiting a month for it to set (as told by the sales staff) before i use chalk on it so i can't say if it works or not. the nice thing is right now it looks like a regular dark brown wall in my kitchen.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Have You Used Colored Chalkboard Paint?
5/26/09 03:03 PM

i bought a scooter pillow from her a few months ago. she was awesome to deal with and the pillow is perfect - fabric is just as it appears in the photo and its really well made.

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2/19/09 12:49 PM

a girl in Vancouver did a Where's Waldo google earth edition.

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12/16/08 03:24 PM

it is too bad Ronald Regan took down the solar panels the Jimmy Carter installed to heat the hot water consumed at the white house.

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12/5/08 05:52 PM