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I love that first picture of the tree with the basket. the tree is beautiful, as are the wood floors and the wall. Anyone know how to paint a wall to look like this? And what about the floors? It looks like a lime wash??

Easy Decorating Ideas: 5 Alternatives to Christmas Tree Skirts
11/12/13 05:17 PM

to denisegk

Sorry I didn't feel like writing a dissertation or start talking chemistry to "back up my claims" :), which is why I instructed people wanting to do their own research to look up "self discharge." (Google Scholar is an amazing tool, and you can set your search to find you free papers.)

The amount of self discharge is dependent on temperature and the battery technology. Sure, depending on the battery, you might not care about the few % self discharge per year at RT (20 deg C). Especially if you have a crowded fridge :) But then again, you might care. Say ... if you're a photographer with a large supply of expensive flash batteries or you live in a hot climate with no AC. Or maybe you just want to know why your stash of Costco batteries aren't really holding up very well after you forgot about them in a closet for a few years.

Generally, we store all our batteries in the fridge at work, though some technologies handle room temp storage better than others. NiMH, NiCAD, Ni-hydrogen, Lithium Ion - we store them in the fridge. LiSOCl2 - not so much, though I highly doubt a consumer would have those. They're for military applications.

At work, the batteries we don't store in the fridge are definitely the exception and not the rule, and there are rounds of debates/vetting before we all agree it's okay not to store them in the fridge. As I said - it has to do with the aging of the battery, such as the electrolytes which tend to be organic.

We store our batteries anywhere between 0 and 10 deg C. Though generally - any storage below RT and above 0 is okay.

And yes - the very expensive batteries go in very expensive fridges. But we don't with the cheap ones. We have put them in commercial fridges, though we usually bag them with dessicant. Your normal fridge is fine though (without special bagging) as long as you let the batteries dry and allow them to get back to RT before using them.

I can talk for hours about batteries here, but would prefer not to. You guys don't pay me :)

Household Myths: Are These Urban Legends Legit?
7/23/13 03:35 PM

Um no, apartment therapy. You got the battery thing wrong. Storing batteries in the fridge will def slow down the aging process and cause your batteries to last longer. I'm a battery engineer and we keep all our (lithium ion) batteries in refrigerators for that very reason. Ask any NASA engineer, they will tell you the same thing. Or go into google scholar and find yourself some articles on 'battery calendar fade' or 'self discharge' I will concede though that some battery technologies have negligible self discharge rate at RT, but I doubt those batteries are being used in commercial applications.

Household Myths: Are These Urban Legends Legit?
7/21/13 02:17 PM

Love this place... everything.. well except for the wall art behind the TV.

Adam's Comfort & Warmth Small Cool Contest
5/28/13 03:53 PM

DC: Fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather cools, the trees change color, you can go apple picking... etc.

The City To Ourselves: What's Your Favorite Time Of Year In Your City?
5/23/13 03:54 PM

p.s. also love that couch. where is that from?

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 01:37 PM

absolutely love this place, especially the dark wood desk... Tiny nit - I think the rug in the living room is a little big / bland. I think the place would look nicer if you expose more of the hardwood floor. Cause that floor is really pretty

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 01:36 PM

I love this place, especially the wall of art with the tree pictures. Did you take those pictures yourself? I want to do something similar. How did you hang the pictures? And how big are they?

Julia's Solo Artist Space Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 11:36 AM

I love the rustic wood window frame, fireplace mantel, and bathroom counters. Is that real rustic wood or did you paint it to look rustic? The old wood floors are nice too. I'm not a big fan of the dining set; I think you're better off with another rustic wood set rather than the plastic set you have. It would warm the kitchen some more and tie in with your floors.

Maddalena's Sunny Style Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 01:29 PM

Love everything about this apartment - from the vintage American flag to the big windows and the exposed brick

Carly's Converted Warehouse Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 04:36 PM

love it.

Jason's Luxe Factor Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 11:34 AM

I love the wallpaper in the bedroom. What is it?

Lasse's Great Opportunity Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 02:01 PM

p.s. I think I have the same Ikea pots you have on top of your fridge. what kind of plants do you have though? They look cool.

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 08:55 AM

absolutely love this place.

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 08:54 AM

Love it. I usually hate Ikea stuff because I find it to be cold, but you totally made it work - the space is warm, inviting, and comfy.

Khris and Valerie's 'Old Seattle' Character Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 04:18 PM

My favorite place so far. Love the floors, the exposed beams, and the brick.

Megan's Historic Details Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 01:39 PM

Love this place too. Looks super comfortable.

Stephanie's Homey Enchantments Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 01:25 PM

love it...

Lee's Only Meaningful Possessions Small Cool Contest
5/12/13 08:39 PM

yeah it's definitely cool looking, but I wouldn't be able to live there..

Simone's Shine & Silhouettes Small Cool Contest
5/12/13 03:01 PM

love it. This really looks like a jewel box. How did you pick the colors? was there a lot of trial and error?

Debra's Frog to Prince Place Small Cool Contest
5/9/13 01:15 PM