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Wow you got Hulk hands....are they the ones that make noise? son didn't want them...I was a little disappointed.

Charlotte's Airy Arrangement Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 11:51 PM

My grandmother stripped the original red paint from a 200 year old family rocking chair....probably lead based. She realized she destroyed value after the fact. The woman always did an excellent thorough job of refinishing. My mother's dining room table is probably still's back.

It's the Law: How To Decide Whether (or Not!) to Makeover Your Latest Secondhand Find Comment of the Day
6/10/14 08:08 AM

I've bought two separate pieces that were "antiqued" (70's version of milk paint done in several stages and very durable if done right). For years people kept asking when I was going to strip off that finish. I liked them when I bought them and love them now....

It's the Law: How To Decide Whether (or Not!) to Makeover Your Latest Secondhand Find Comment of the Day
6/10/14 08:04 AM

I'm dying my hair blue to match my eyes...crap they're grey. Love this place you crazy old broad. Reminds me of Bullwinkle's Café...without the mildew.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 11:18 PM

Remember that a dining room table could be listed under a dinning room table. A thesaurus of furniture...sofa, couch, davenport, settee, loveseat etc. One person's sideboard could be another's credenza. Dresser, chest of drawers. Misspellings are listed separately.

Tried & True Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Craigslist
6/4/14 11:07 PM

look under "clear plastic chair" perhaps

Tried & True Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Craigslist
6/4/14 11:06 PM

You have the highly elusive "red" Pyrex bowl. It must have been the most popular size and broken decades ago. I'm always on the look out.

Jamie's Wild Blue Yonder House Tour
6/4/14 12:23 AM

thank it.

Nicholas' 1920s Charm Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 01:18 PM

My parents were married in the 50s. Their home was very Betty Draper esque. Oh how my mother loved those round braided rugs from Sears. Got new ones every three or four years....dogs and kids can do a number on stitched rugs.
When they moved into a house with a huge dining room/living room my mother was searching for larger versions of those rugs. My father, who never put any input into interior decorating, finally put his foot down....he hated them; always hated them. He picked out fabulous wool rag rugs that I would love to have mother said they were very expensive. They were mainly avocado colored....ahhh the 70s, eh? What was old is now.

7 Home Regrets You Don't Want to Have in 10 Years
6/1/14 01:13 PM

I find when I go to my friend's "grown up" houses with their matchy matchy furniture and what ever Target is offering up as accessories this season I feel that they are slaves to their stuff...most are house poor and use basically the same 900 square feet. Paying taxes and mortgage on rooms that are used once a year. Most is for storage of stuff that they're not using....

How To Chase Those Living Small Blues Away
5/29/14 08:08 AM

My mother made a few different slip covers for a winged chair...heard plenty of cursing. We still called it the "orange chair" even though it had been covered for 3o years.

Do It Yourself: 10 Things to Make Instead of Buy
5/27/14 12:38 AM

I was happy to not see it painted white with a big chevron pattern stenciled across the front. Like the color around the could be any color that would tie it into your décor. Looks good. Enjoy.

Before & After: A Knockout Dresser Gets Even Better
5/26/14 12:59 PM

and no chevron in sight....yeah! you got my vote. Love the drafting table as an island. My mother had an old drafting table top that we used to roll out pie crusts on...ah the good ole days.

Erin's Well Considered Home Small Cool Contest
5/25/14 04:08 PM

Nice job...enjoy your Memorial Day snow hopefully.

Before & After: A $90 Weekend Kitchen Refresh
5/24/14 10:01 PM

1895 meets 1995. Have to agree with Hdtexan here. Doesn't work at all.

Before & After: A Sturdy Settee Gets a Makeover for a Patio!
5/24/14 10:28 AM

Thank you.....

Before & After: A Mid-C Table Gets Mad Men Worthy
5/23/14 09:53 PM

What a lovely place you have. The architectural elements and the rugs are a great foundation for all your lovely pieces.

Allison's Silver Lake Charmer With a View House Tour
5/23/14 07:16 AM

In a year we will see these two chairs as someone else's "before". And they will be described as "hideous".

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/23/14 06:44 AM

Was expecting a coat of white paint.....thanks for your very hard work. Enjoy your beautiful table.

Before & After: A Well-Loved Table Gets A Long Awaited Update
5/22/14 07:35 AM

I have lived in my house for 14 years. The former owner had quite a brave heart when it came to room colors. He chose wisely because they progressed well through the house and looked good in all lighting. It seems the pieces I've picked up over the years have worked....especially that "antiqued" blue $49 I ever spent. So glad I never stripped it. If you know the proper scale and buy only what you will work. Always take a tape measure.

The Natural Order of Things: How To Design Your Home, One Step at a Time
5/21/14 01:10 AM