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I spent several years growing up in Norway, and we switched from sheets & blankets to the dyne (duvet). I've been using my twin dyne for nearly 20 years now, and couldn't imagine not having my own dyne. I got married a few months ago, and wasn't sure exactly how I would manage the shift -- thankfully, my wife agreed to try two twin dyner rather than one large duvet, and now she is a believer. Hurray for sleep :)

The twin is such a good size, because you can easily wrap yourself in it, move it around, etc.

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1/20/10 08:53 PM

What a cool place -- I *LOVE* the clock in the background. Where is it from?

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Anne-Marie Andre 10.21.08
12/5/08 01:09 AM