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Ikea magazine racks gave me an idea to create one next to my bed :)

Make It Organized: DIY Magazine Racks & Storage Project Ideas
1/24/14 06:22 PM

Not sure if it too late... Is it be ideal to add frameless access panel in the ceiling? So that you can poke your head into the void if you need to check, etc?

Dan's Kitchen: Electrical and Plumbing Renovation Diary
1/22/14 06:50 PM

Wow! That is BAD! Someone must be really lazy to do the job properly in the first place! :/

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Hole in the Wall, Part 2 Renovation Diary
12/13/13 06:52 PM

To make everyone life easier when come to painting white on white, I've seen tub of paint which are purple at first so when applying it purple but magically it turn white when dried so there goes! :)

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Time to Paint Renovation Diary
8/21/13 05:41 PM

They're from IKEA!!! :D

A Typographic Office For Two Lifework
3/15/13 05:30 PM