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The Svalka wine glasses are wonderful -- they're so cheap that if someone breaks one at a party it's no big deal. I buy a new 6 pack every Christmas, sometimes they have designs etched in the glass.

Best Buys at IKEA The Best of the Basics | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/22/09 04:08 PM

My grandma used them at BBQs when I was a kid... didn't realize they were novel. But they are a good idea to keep flies off!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Mesh Dome Plate Covers for Outdoor Dining
6/19/09 07:26 PM

Painting a warm color wouldn't hurt, it seems a bit sterile & cold. And maybe some bright accessories to liven it up, like pillows & art? Needs some pops of color.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Making the Room Work With New Pieces?
5/7/09 12:59 PM

I always keep a book of matches near the toilet for any bad smells... and a candle nearby to light if someone needs to use that match.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | For the Bathroom: Candles, Air Fresheners, Sprays or Nothing?
3/19/09 11:56 AM

keeping track of your sex life isn't that different from fertility friend...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Log Your Sex Life, Random Valley Front Yards, Chairs That Need Hugs, and Toolkits for Fashionistas Los Angeles Slinks for 03.03.2009
3/3/09 12:43 PM

We have a space heater in the bathroom - it makes life so much better. When traveling in New Zealand, many of the places we stayed had heated towel bars - so lovely to have a warm towel to wrap up in!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Using Towel Warmers as Heaters
1/22/09 11:09 PM

It you get free child-care out of it, sounds like a good idea! I get along fine with my mother-in-law, though she's pretty fussy, so I'm sure we'd butt heads occasionally.

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: Would Let Your In-laws Live With You?
1/22/09 03:58 PM

We have an electric heating pad that we love - each side of the bed has it's own heating zone, which is nice too. I love a pre-warmed bed, but I turn it off when I get in, because it's usually too hot.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Do You Use an Electric Blanket?From Re-nest: Our site that covers abundant design for green homes
1/22/09 03:53 PM

I only sleep on the couch when I'm sick and/or hungover, because he tosses & turns so much at night that I sleep better somewhere quiet and cool like the den. Even when we fight, we usually make up before bed, because we both like to cuddle. It's hard to stay angry when you're pressed against each other for warmth!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT Survey: Banished from the Bed?
1/21/09 04:53 PM

I really love Color Splash, especially because it's all SF Bay area homes.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT Survey: Best of the Home Makeover Shows?
1/12/09 08:37 PM

the lazy way would be to change your lighting to something warmer, and then you won't notice the discoloration.

other than that, i have no advice! maybe you can test the bleach in a hidden spot to see what happens? then do the same for the paint - try a bit and see if it works at all.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Remedy for Yellowed Casalino Chairs?
12/17/08 05:58 PM

We purged so much in our recent move, but we still need our garage. My husband has so much stuff - most of it for his projects and hobbies. But we're both completely moved out of our parents houses -- probably because the parents are clutter-bugs!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Much Do You Keep in Storage?
12/11/08 09:23 PM

ugh, i hate settlers of catan. so not that fun, at least not for me. but i've been made to play with competitive, which may be part of it. apple to apples is super fun especially when everyone is a little tipsy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Board Games For Holiday Parties
12/9/08 08:48 PM

So interesting to watch. While I love the design aspect, I'm so glad gender roles have evolved a little since the 1950s. Did you see the tiny secretary office and the get up that the housewives wore? Amazing.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Living in 1958... ...or at least how we imagined it!
12/9/08 06:47 PM

I think it's a bad idea to undertake major repairs without permission from the landlords. Painting and doing minor fixes without talking to them isn't a big deal though - we did that on our last rental, and seriously, our landlords loved us for taking care of their place.

I think it's more than you want to get into--what if you discover major structural problems? Should you fix them? That's likely to be more involved than you really want.

Anyway, if you're landlord isn't responsive, at least give notice in writing of any repairs you do so that you have something to back you up. It's a bad idea to not have your butt covered.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Working on a Rental Without Permission
12/4/08 09:01 PM