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The one place in our loft apartment we have been unable to adequately light is above the dining table. This pendant would finally solve that issue! Our quest for dinner lighting is actually getting to be a fire hazard, as the only way we have found to properly light a meal is to cover the table in beautiful but dangerous candles of all varying shapes and sizes. Our landlord would be very grateful if we won this light, as would we, since it would be the centerpiece of our open space and would allow all our hard work in the kitchen to not be lost amid the darkened atmosphere that is a dimly lit dining table. Thank you!

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12/14/09 05:03 PM

As a one-time New Yorker, and current SF resident, I just want to say San Francisco is fantastic. It's a much smaller city than New York, and though it does have a greater metro area, if you are looking to be in the city, you will be struck by how much smaller it is than New York. It is commonplace to run into people you know multiple times a day. But you'll also be struck by how calm and pretty and not gritty even the grittiest parts are compared with NYC.
As for neighborhoods, I'd second Bernal, Portero or Dogpatch. We live in the Dogpatch (which is not on the map, but it is the second "L" in Potrero Hill in that representation) and we love it. It is the sunniest neighborhood in the city, right on the water, very quiet and peaceful, close to downtown (I ride my bike to work in SoMa and my ride is 15 minutes), there is a wonderful dog park right in the center (Esprit Park) as well as many other parks in the area (the park at the ballpark, the China Basin park, etc). The neighborhood is populated with a good mix of people of all different ages, backgrounds, race, and occupation. Some other parts of SF are a bit homogeneous and/or are in the middle of gentrification, which brings with it a whole slew of moral and day-to-day issues. The Dogpatch was historically the manufacturing center of the city, so most people living in it are taking over old industrial buildings, rather than taking over old Victorians that used to house the city's minorities and now are converted to high-price condos. Bottom line: you aren't displacing anyone by moving in, which is not something you can say for all SF neighborhoods.
There is a ton of development happening in the area, so it is a great time to invest. Having a yard may be hard bc most of the apartments are loft-style, but some do have yards and many have outdoor spaces.
We have a 1,100sqft loft with a large patio and we pay 2000. We are steps from Muni, a park, restaurants, and the bay. Check it out.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: SF Neighborhoods for Ex-New Yorkers?
5/18/09 08:05 PM

Dog Patch! Right at the base of Potrero Hill, along the bay, convenient to the nightowl T Muni line, the 22 and 48 busses, SOMA, the design center of SF, and all that the new UCSF campus offers, the DP is an up and coming neighborhood and is completely animal friendly. Beautiful Esprit Park is technically for humans but is almost always overtaken by happy dogs frolicking with their owners. I live there and there are tons of dogs in the neighborhood and plenty of older, classic SF buildings with backyards, as well as lofts that offer the extra space that perhaps your friends are used to but which is hard to come by in the city. Also, since the neighborhood hasn't completely blown up yet (though it's on its way) you can still get a big apartment for the same price as a tiny one in, say, the Duboce Triangle. Not as cheap as the Richmond or Inner Sunset perhaps, but way cooler and closer to downtown, which is a plus if your friends will be working there and ever want to come home on their lunch breaks to let the dog out, etc.

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2/26/09 04:45 PM

We got an awesome one from CB2 that is bright orange (they call it lobster). Might be a tad taller than you are looking for, but you could look there and see if they have anything else. Their store downtown is semi-convenient and you can buy floors models.

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12/4/08 05:43 PM