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In wet weather some front doors have a tendency to swell. Many years ago, someone told me to lubricate the door with butter, so it will close easily. Ordinary lubricating oil will do the trick, too. When the weather dries out, the door should close without difficulty again.

How To Fix a Hard-to-Close Door with Toothpicks Apartment Therapy Tutorials
1/19/14 11:26 PM

Sounds great. I'll try it, although it will be a while before anyone will notice the difference in this place.

The \"3 Things\" Rule: Inching Toward Cleanliness
1/18/14 08:09 PM

Hornung's fictitious burglar A J Raffles had his home at The Albany.

Terrific decor.

William Hanham's Last Albany Apartment at Piccadilly, London House Call
11/9/13 11:21 PM

Thanks for posting this. You may or may not know, but apple peel tea was a great favourite of Hitler. But don't let that stop you from making it or drinking it. At his mountain retreat, in OberSaltzburg, he had a teahouse where he used to take his visitors after a pleasant walk. And apple peel tea was his favourite. I had never heard it, and wanted to know how to make it, since I have a couple of apple trees. That's how I ended up here.

Got Apple Peels? Make Tea!
3/14/13 06:40 AM